The possibility of an Xbox handheld has been a topic of discussion for months now, with Xbox chief Phil Spencer dropping hints about the potential new hardware. Spencer, known for his love of handheld gaming devices, has expressed his interest in the idea of an Xbox handheld in various interviews and social media interactions. In a recent interview with IGN, Spencer stated, “I think we should have a handheld, too,” further fueling speculation about Microsoft’s plans for a portable gaming device.

Spencer’s comments regarding the future of Microsoft hardware suggest that the company is exploring different form factors and ways to play games. He expressed his excitement about the work being done by the team, hinting at upcoming announcements related to new hardware. While the focus of recent events has been on games, Spencer made it clear that Microsoft will have more to share about their platform in the future.

One of the key points made by Spencer is that Microsoft is looking into creating a true handheld gaming device, rather than a device that relies on game streaming. He emphasized the importance of being able to play games locally, citing his own preferences for handheld gaming devices like the ROG Ally, Lenovo Legion Go, and Steam Deck. This indicates that Microsoft’s vision for an Xbox handheld involves the ability to run games directly on the device.

Speculations also suggest that the Xbox handheld in development is likely to be Windows-based, offering the capability to run Xbox games and access the full Xbox dashboard. This approach would allow for a seamless gaming experience while also providing flexibility for running other games, such as those available on Steam. The integration of Xbox and Windows in a way that seamlessly merges the two platforms would be a significant achievement for Microsoft.

As the future of Xbox moves towards a more PC-like experience, the idea of an Xbox handheld that offers the familiarity of a console while providing the versatility of a Windows device becomes more appealing. By creating a device that maintains the look and feel of an Xbox console but offers the functionality of a Windows PC, Microsoft could potentially redefine the handheld gaming market. The merging of Xbox and Windows in a unique and innovative way could pave the way for a new era of gaming devices.

The possibility of an Xbox handheld represents a significant opportunity for Microsoft to expand its presence in the gaming market and offer a unique gaming experience to players. With Phil Spencer’s hints and the company’s focus on exploring new hardware options, the prospect of an Xbox handheld seems more tangible than ever before. If Microsoft can successfully bring together the worlds of Xbox and Windows in a cohesive manner, the impact on the gaming industry could be game-changing. Only time will tell if Microsoft will take the leap into the handheld gaming market, but the potential benefits of such a move are certainly worth considering.


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