Square Enix has given fans a glimmer of hope with the recent confirmation that Final Fantasy 14 could potentially make its way onto the upcoming Nintendo Switch successor. In a candid interview with Easy Allies, the game’s director and producer Naoki ‘Yoshi-P’ Yoshida expressed his long-standing dream of allowing players to access the popular MMO on any device.

Yoshi-P pointed to the successful launch of Final Fantasy 14 on Xbox as a testament to the team’s dedication to expanding the game’s accessibility. He emphasized that bringing the MMO to Microsoft’s consoles had been a goal for years before finally coming to fruition. While acknowledging the time and effort it took to make it happen, Yoshi-P reassured fans that the company is equally committed to pursuing a potential release on Nintendo’s platform.

Despite the challenges faced during the Xbox release, Yoshi-P expressed optimism about the future and pledged to continue working diligently to make Final Fantasy 14 available on the Nintendo Switch 2. He acknowledged the appeal of having the game on a new portable platform and emphasized Square Enix’s enthusiasm for exploring this opportunity. The director’s dedication to the project gives hope to fans who have been eagerly awaiting the possibility of playing their favorite MMO on a different device.

While the idea of Final Fantasy 14 on Nintendo Switch 2 remains a dream for now, Square Enix’s unwavering commitment to making it a reality is a promising sign for fans. The potential to enjoy the game on a new platform opens up exciting possibilities for the future of the franchise. As players eagerly anticipate the day when they can embark on new adventures in Eorzea on their Nintendo Switch devices, the development team continues to strive towards turning this dream into a tangible experience.

The prospect of Final Fantasy 14 on the Nintendo Switch 2 represents a significant step towards achieving the game’s overarching vision of accessibility across various platforms. With the dedication of Square Enix’s development team and the support of loyal fans, the dream of playing Final Fantasy 14 on a Nintendo console may very well become a reality sooner than anticipated. Until then, players can look forward to the ongoing efforts of the company to make their dreams come true in the world of Eorzea.


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