Diving deeper into the world of Helldivers 2, CEO Johan Pilestedt has hinted at the introduction of a new alien species or enemy faction that is gearing up for revenge against players. Responding to a player’s request for in-game collaborations like a Predator crossover, Pilestedt intriguingly suggested the idea of a Predator-like alien group in the Helldivers universe seeking vengeance.

There have been speculations among players about whether this new alien threat could be related to the Illuminate faction from the first game, which was believed to have been defeated. Pilestedt cleverly sidestepped this question with a witty remark, hinting that the new faction might be called the Enlightened instead. The Illuminate is being considered as the next faction to join the galactic conflict in Helldivers 2, aligning themselves with other adversaries like the Terminids and the Automatons.

Players have reported sightings of psionic-powered, tentacled creatures resembling the Illuminate in the game for months. Additionally, there have been instances where blue beams attributed to the Illuminate have been spotted sniping Helldivers from a distance. Despite Pilestedt’s attempt to downplay these claims, the evidence of the Illuminate’s involvement in the game continues to mount.

While the concept of a Predator-like alien species in Helldivers 2 raises questions about their resemblance to the Illuminate, there are notable differences in their characteristics. Predators are known for their ability to cloak themselves and attack from afar, which differs from the ceremonial robes and squid-like appearance of the Illuminate members. Rather than being a formidable opponent like the Predators from the iconic movie franchise, the Illuminate seem to draw more similarities to the enigmatic Prophets from the Halo series.

As the discussions about the potential introduction of a new enemy faction in Helldivers 2 continue, players are eagerly waiting to see how the narrative unfolds. The intrigue surrounding the Illuminate and their possible role in the galactic war adds another layer of mystery to the game. Only time will reveal the true nature of this looming threat and the challenges it will present to Helldivers as they navigate the treacherous universe.


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