The gaming world is abuzz with rumors about Sony’s rumored PlayStation 5 Pro model. According to recent reports, this upgraded version of the popular console could feature a significantly more powerful GPU, offering up to three times the performance of the existing PS5 models. But are these rumors too good to be true? Let’s take a closer look at the leaked specifications and what they could mean for the future of console gaming.

The leaked technical document for the PS5 Pro, codenamed Trinity, suggests some impressive upgrades over the current PS5. One of the most notable features is the reported 67 teraflops of 16-bit floating point calculations, which translate to around 33.5 teraflops of single-precision compute. This represents a 45 percent rendering performance improvement over the base PS5 model, which boasts a 10.28-teraflop GPU. If these numbers are accurate, the PS5 Pro could be a game-changer in terms of graphics performance.

In addition to the potential GPU improvements, the PS5 Pro is rumored to offer up to three times the ray tracing performance of the current PS5, with some cases even seeing a four-fold increase. The leaked documents also mention a feature called PlayStation Spectral Super Resolution (PSSR), which is said to use machine learning for image upscaling, similar to Nvidia’s DLSS or AMD’s FSR. This technology could pave the way for upscaling to 8K resolutions in future iterations of the console, as well as enhancing ray tracing capabilities.

While some may question the credibility of the initial reports from YouTuber Moore’s Law is Dead, Tom Henderson’s confirmation of the leaked specifications adds more weight to the rumors. Henderson’s reporting indicates that Sony’s first-party studios have been testing PS5 Pro devkits since September, with third-party developers gaining access in January. This timeline aligns with Henderson’s previous claim that a PS5 Pro was in the works with a target release date of November 2024. If these reports are accurate, Sony may indeed be on track to deliver the PS5 Pro within the speculated timeframe.

The potential of the PlayStation 5 Pro is certainly exciting for gamers looking for the next level of console performance. With a rumored three-fold increase in GPU power, enhanced ray tracing capabilities, and innovative upscaling technology, the PS5 Pro could set a new standard for gaming experiences. While we must approach these rumors with caution until official confirmation from Sony, the prospect of a more powerful and feature-rich PlayStation console is undeniably intriguing. Keep an eye on future developments as we await more information on the highly anticipated PS5 Pro.


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