Destiny 2’s latest expansion, The Final Shape, introduces a new level of customization with the arrival of Exotic Class Items. These Class Items offer players the ability to create unique and powerful Prismatic builds by combining perks from various Exotic armor pieces. The possibilities are endless, allowing for never-before-seen combinations that can significantly enhance your gameplay experience.

Class Item Perks

In The Final Shape, players can unlock a new Exotic Class Item specifically designed for the Light/Darkness hybrid Subclass, Prismatic. These Class Items come with two slots to fill, each offering eight possible perks to choose from. While there are limitations in terms of combining all 16 perks, the available options still provide powerful enhancements for your Prismatic build.

The Essentialism Class Item for Hunters in Destiny 2 The Final Shape offers a variety of perks that can be combined to create unique gameplay experiences. From gaining invisibility with powered melee abilities to reducing damage inside a Duskfield Grenade field, the perks available with Essentialism open up a whole new world of possibilities for Hunters.

Titans can wield the Stoicism Class Item in The Final Shape, which provides perks like moving faster while guarding with the Unbreakable shield and converting blocked damage into Super energy. With options to generate healing pulses, unleash bursts of Solar Energy, and improve melee damage when surrounded, Titans can create formidable builds with the Stoicism Class Item.

Warlock Exotic Class Item – Solipsism

For Warlocks, the Solipsism Exotic Class Item offers perks like gaining Devour after casting an Empowering Rift, poisoning enemies with melee attacks, and releasing Arc shockwaves from Rifts. With the ability to recharge grenades quicker, provide damage reduction to allies, and enhance melee and grenade regeneration, Warlocks can become unstoppable forces with the Solipsism Class Item.

The introduction of Exotic Class Items in Destiny 2 The Final Shape adds a new layer of depth and customization to the game. By combining perks from various Exotic armor pieces, players can create powerful Prismatic builds that cater to their playstyle and preferences. With unique abilities and enhancements available for each Class, the possibilities are endless, and the hunt for the perfect perk rolls begins. Embrace the power of these Exotic Class Items and unleash the true potential of your Guardian in The Final Shape expansion.


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