Lego Fortnite, a world of creativity and adventure, introduces players to various biomes and resources that are essential for crafting. One such crucial resource is Flexwood, which is difficult to find and often leaves players puzzled. In this guide, we will explore the different methods to acquire Flexwood and how to harvest it effectively.

The elusive Flexwood can be obtained by chopping down any Cactus found in the Dry Valley biome of Lego Fortnite. Upon destroying the cactus, Flexwood will drop as a valuable resource. Recognizable by its blue-tinted appearance, Flexwood resembles the standard logs players usually gather when harvesting trees.

Typically, acquiring Flexwood requires a Rare Axe, obtainable by upgrading the second Lego Fortnite Crafting Bench. This specialized tool enables players to cut through the sturdy cactus and collect Flexwood. However, there are alternative approaches to obtaining this resource.

If you are fortunate enough to come across explosives like the Boom Barrel, rejoice! These volatile items not only destroy cacti but also obliterate anything nearby. By utilizing explosives, you can bypass the need for a Rare Axe and harvest Flexwood effortlessly. Be cautious of your surroundings, as the destructive capabilities of explosives can have unintended consequences.

For the daring adventurers, there is another method to acquire Flexwood, albeit at a higher risk. Engage with enemies, such as the Roller or Brute, and lure them towards the cactus. As they charge or attack, their impact will demolish the cactus, dropping Flexwood in the process. However, be prepared to swiftly evade any follow-up attacks to ensure your survival.

Flexwood, a prized resource in Lego Fortnite, adds depth to the game’s crafting mechanics. Although initially challenging to locate, the reward of acquiring Flexwood is worth the effort. Whether you opt for the traditional Rare Axe, explosives, or the thrill of using enemies as demolition tools, mastering the art of Flexwood collection will enhance your Lego Fortnite experience. So venture forth, explore the Dry Valley biome, and let the quest for Flexwood begin!


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