Paramount Global recently made a surprising move, bidding farewell to the well-known Showtime brand. Effective January 8, 2024, the linear Showtime cable network will be repositioned as Paramount+ with Showtime. This rebrand signifies the launch of a new platform that aims to seamlessly integrate both streaming and linear content, providing subscribers with a diverse range of entertainment options.

With this transition, Showtime subscribers will not only maintain access to their favorite shows but also gain access to an array of Paramount+ original series. Some of the highly anticipated titles include “Sexy Beast” and the second season of the popular video game adaptation, “Halo.” Additionally, Paramount+ content will be available to Showtime subscribers, offering a vast selection of movies, series, and other exclusive content.

While the rebranding opens up a world of new possibilities, it’s not without its challenges. Existing Showtime subscribers may find themselves uncertain about how this rollout will work. One aspect that may cause confusion is that not all linear Showtime channel subscribers will automatically have access to the Paramount+ with Showtime streaming plan. Instead, these cable subscribers can access content online through authenticated streaming apps provided by pay-TV partners. Paramount Global has made agreements with select pay-TV providers to ensure their subscribers can still enjoy the content seamlessly.

The discontinuation of standalone streaming

As part of this transition, Paramount Global has decided to gradually discontinue the standalone Showtime streaming app. This aligns with the company’s dedication to the Paramount+ with Showtime plan, streamlining the user experience and consolidating content onto a single platform. By doing so, Paramount Global aims to provide a more cohesive and integrated viewing experience for their audience.

Exciting lineup of original series

Paramount+ with Showtime brings an exciting lineup of original series to the table. Some notable additions include “The Woman in the Wall,” “Fellow Travelers,” “The Chi,” “The Curse,” “Yellowjackets,” and “Your Honor.” These series offer a diverse range of genres, catering to a wide range of audience preferences.

Stay tuned for updates

As the rebranding process continues, more information is expected to be released via Showtime’s linear channels. Paramount Global aims to keep subscribers informed about the changes and ensure a smooth transition. By leveraging both the established Showtime brand and the expanding Paramount+ platform, the company hopes to provide an enhanced and comprehensive entertainment experience for its audience.

Paramount Global’s decision to rebrand the Showtime cable network as Paramount+ with Showtime marks an exciting evolution in the entertainment industry. The integration of streaming and linear content offers subscribers a greater level of convenience and access to a wider range of exclusive content. While the rollout may cause some initial confusion, Paramount Global’s commitment to delivering an exceptional viewing experience is evident. As the launch date approaches, subscribers can eagerly anticipate the arrival of Paramount+ with Showtime and all the captivating content it has to offer.


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