Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth has recently been released, and fans are already buzzing about the controversial redesign of the beloved Moogles. These iconic creatures have undergone a significant transformation in the remake, leaving many players feeling unsettled. The once adorable and charming creatures now appear slightly unnerving, with features that some fans find disturbing.

The uproar over the new Moogle design is evident on social media platforms, with fans expressing their dismay over the changes. Twitter users @Genki_JPN and @tkn0801 have highlighted the consensus among fans in both the US and Japan, describing the redesigned Moogles as “super creepy” and “cursed af.” The comparison between the new Moogle in Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth and the design in Final Fantasy 16 has sparked further debate, with some fans feeling disappointed by the drastic shift in appearance.

Many fans have taken to Twitter to share their opinions on the redesigned Moogles. One user expressed their surprise at the design change, equating it to meeting someone in real life who looks nothing like their online profile picture. Another fan pointed out the detailed facial expressions and rodent-like teeth of the new Moogle, making it appear unsettling to them. Some fans have even compared the new Moogle design to the ones found in Kingdom Hearts, expressing a preference for the earlier designs over the current one.

As discussions around the FF7 Rebirth Moogle continue to trend in Japan, it’s clear that opinions are divided on the redesign. While some players find the new look appealing and see it as a refreshing change, others are nostalgic for the classic Moogle design seen in previous installments of the franchise. Ultimately, whether you love or hate the revamped Moogles in Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth comes down to personal preference. But one thing is for sure – the redesigned Moogles have certainly sparked a lively debate among fans.


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