Actor Jonathon Bailey has proven his dedication to his craft time and time again, even when faced with a grueling schedule. Despite finding international fame through his on-screen roles in Netflix’s Bridgerton and the upcoming Wicked adaptations, Bailey remains committed to voicing the beloved Final Fantasy 14 character, G’raha Tia.

In an interview with Bafta, Bailey expressed his deep understanding of the significance of the character to fans of the game. He revealed that he was determined not to step away from voicing G’raha Tia, even when his busy schedule made it challenging. Bailey went to great lengths to ensure that he could continue to bring the character to life, recording lines during the day while performing in a theater show at night.

Sacrifices Made

The demanding schedule took a toll on Bailey, causing his tongue to inflame. Despite the physical discomfort, Bailey pushed through, determined to give his best performance for the fans of Final Fantasy 14. He even went as far as apologizing to fans for any lispy sounds in his voice due to his inflamed tongue, showing his dedication to the character and the game’s community.

Bailey’s decision to reprise his role as G’raha Tia in the upcoming Dawntrail expansion is not only driven by his own affection for the character but also by the overwhelming support and love from the community. He finds the writing for the character to be almost Shakespearean, highlighting the depth and complexity of G’raha Tia’s story and dialogue. Bailey even shared a memorable line from the game, emphasizing the grandeur and beauty of the world in which the character exists.

Jonathon Bailey’s unwavering commitment to voicing G’raha Tia in Final Fantasy 14 demonstrates his passion for storytelling and his respect for the fans of the game. Despite his increasing popularity and busy schedule, Bailey continues to prioritize his work on the character, showcasing his talent and dedication as an actor. Fans can look forward to experiencing Bailey’s exceptional performance once again in the upcoming expansion, further solidifying his place in the hearts of Final Fantasy 14 players worldwide.


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