In 2022, MultiVersus made a grand entrance into the gaming world with its crossover brawler concept. Players were thrilled to engage in battles with unique character combinations, making the game a hit among the gaming community. However, the excitement was short-lived as the game was abruptly pulled down in June 2023. It was later revealed that the initial release was just an open beta, and plans were in place to relaunch it as a full game in 2024. This decision left many fans puzzled, as the game’s messaging had not indicated a temporary beta release.

Surprisingly, McDonald’s Australia has now teased a collaboration with MultiVersus, hinting at the release of toy merchandise “coming soon.” These toys are said to be themed after various character pairs from MultiVersus, such as Batman and Finn, Bugs Bunny and Wonder Woman, and Superman and Garnet. While the exact nature of these toys remains unknown, they are speculated to be tin containers holding cards or download codes rather than traditional toys. Nonetheless, the collaboration presents an intriguing prospect for fans of the game.

The MultiVersus toys are slated to be the next major Happy Meal promotion in Australia, succeeding the ongoing Crash Team Rumble collaboration. With the latter expected to conclude soon, the MultiVersus toys could make their debut as early as March 2024, aligning with the anticipated return of the full version of the game. Although details are scarce at the moment, it seems logical for McDonald’s Australia to time their promotion with the game’s re-release. It would not make sense to promote a game that is currently inactive, suggesting that the game’s return is imminent.

As fans eagerly await the revival of MultiVersus and the arrival of the McDonald’s Australia toy collaboration, there is a sense of anticipation in the air. The potential synergy between the game’s relaunch and the toy promotion hints at a shared excitement for what’s to come. With both players and fast-food enthusiasts keeping an eye out for further updates, the return of MultiVersus promises to be an eventful and engaging experience for all involved. Stay tuned for more developments on this exciting crossover event.


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