In a heartbreaking turn of events, Revenant Hill, the highly anticipated follow-up to the indie darling Night in the Woods, has been officially canceled. According to The Glory Society, the development studio behind the game, the decision was made due to recent serious health issues that forced key members of the team to step away indefinitely from the project. This shocking news comes as a devastating blow to fans who were eagerly awaiting the release of this game.

As stated on the studio’s website, creating anything complex poses numerous challenges. Game development is a lengthy and intricate process that requires a dedicated and talented team working together. The Glory Society considered themselves fortunate to have such a team until the unforeseen health issues forced two vital members to withdraw from the project. With a small team like theirs, losing these crucial individuals meant losing an irreplaceable set of skills and expertise. In light of the constraints of schedules, budgets, and the monumental task of reworking the entire project within these limitations, the team made the difficult but amicable decision to suspend operations indefinitely. Regrettably, this marks the end of the development journey for Revenant Hill.

An Artist’s Struggle

Scott Benson, an artist and animator who worked on both Night in the Woods and Revenant Hill, revealed in a separate post that he had been battling severe health issues for the past year. Eventually, he was diagnosed with severe heart failure, most likely caused by a virus. This diagnosis has severely limited Benson’s ability to continue working in the same capacity he once did. His personal struggle reflects the devastating impact health issues can have on individual team members, further complicating the already challenging process of game development.

The Glory Society, being a worker cooperative, will also be on hiatus along with their game project. The wording on their website suggests that their involvement in game development will be temporarily halted. This unfortunate turn of events adds to the sense of loss surrounding Revenant Hill and raises questions about the future of the studio and its ability to bounce back from this setback.

The Hopes and Dreams Shattered

Revenant Hill was first unveiled to the world during a PlayStation Showcase event in May, creating a wave of excitement and anticipation among fans. Although not a direct sequel, the game appeared to exist within the same universe as Night in the Woods, featuring a similar tone and art style. The cancellation of Revenant Hill represents a profound disappointment for both the developers and the gaming community, extinguishing the hopes and dreams that were built upon the promise of this intriguing new installment.

The cancellation of Revenant Hill serves as a sobering reminder of the many challenges and obstacles that game developers can face. The unforeseen health issues that plagued the members of The Glory Society and the subsequent suspension of operations highlight the fragility of even the most promising projects. The loss of key team members, the personal struggles of individual artists, and the uncertainty surrounding the future of the studio all contribute to the tragedy of Revenant Hill’s demise. As fans, we must remember to appreciate and support the creative endeavors of game developers while also recognizing the immense difficulties they can encounter along the way.


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