Ring’s decision to stop selling its Ring Car Cam, a dashcam and security camera hybrid, has left many customers frustrated and disappointed. The product, which was initially met with excitement when it launched at CES 2023, has been plagued by delays and ultimately led to its discontinuation. Customers who placed orders for the device have had those orders canceled, leaving them without the innovative product they had been hoping for.

One of the key reasons for the demise of the Ring Car Cam appears to be its lack of utility and integration. The device failed to meet the needs of customers looking for a dedicated dashcam, as it offered low video quality and high monthly fees. On the other hand, as a security device for cars, it seemed like overkill. Additionally, the Ring Car Cam did not fully capitalize on its Ring and Alexa connections, with limited integrations and few voice-enabled features. This failure to provide a seamless and integrated user experience likely contributed to its downfall.

Customers who eagerly placed orders for the Ring Car Cam have been met with disappointment and frustration due to ongoing delays and cancellations. Posts on Reddit and Ring’s support page indicate that many customers have faced challenges in obtaining the device since it first went on sale. Some customers were told that their orders would not arrive until months after their initial purchase, only to have those orders ultimately canceled. This lack of transparency and consistency in delivering the product has undoubtedly tarnished Ring’s reputation among consumers.

The failure of the Ring Car Cam serves as a valuable lesson in product development and customer experience. It highlights the importance of meeting customer needs and expectations, as well as the significance of seamless integration and user-friendly features. Moving forward, Ring will need to reassess its approach to innovation in the auto space and focus on developing products that truly address consumer demands. While the Ring Car Cam may have been a misstep, there are undoubtedly opportunities for future innovation and growth in the smart home and automotive industries.


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