Marvel’s Midnight Suns may have been canceled for the Nintendo Switch, but fear not, a new hero is stepping up to take its place. Capes, a superhero turn-based game, is set to release on the Switch in May, bringing a new team of characters for players to control. Despite not having the same level of recognition as other superhero games, Capes promises to offer an engaging and strategic gameplay experience.

Capes offers a unique blend of XCOM-style tactics and superhero abilities. Players will gather a team of heroes, each with their own special skills and powers, and level them up to unleash devastating ultimate abilities in turn-based battles. The game focuses on strategic team compositions and knowing when to use each hero’s abilities to overcome challenging foes.

– Be Mighty: Players will take on the role of heroic protectors, mastering the unique skills and powers of each character.
– Assemble Your Team: Success in combat relies on understanding the best Team Up abilities for each situation.
– Level Up: Completing missions and side-quests will allow players to improve their heroes with new abilities and upgrades.
– Defeat Evil: Face off against a variety of villains and henchmen to save the city from the forces of villainy.

While Capes may not boast the most visually impressive graphics, the unique character designs and abilities showcased in the gameplay trailer hint at an enjoyable gameplay experience. Players can expect to see each character with their own distinct flair, adding to the overall charm of the game. With a May release date on the horizon, many are curious to see how Capes will perform on the Switch.

As the release of Capes draws near, fans of superhero games have a new title to look forward to on the Nintendo Switch. With its mix of strategic gameplay and unique character abilities, Capes has the potential to offer an exciting and engaging experience for players. Keep an eye out for more updates on the game as its release date approaches, and decide for yourself if Capes is worth adding to your gaming collection. Will you be donning the cape and joining the fight against evil in Capes? Only time will tell.


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