Tiny Garden brings a breath of fresh air by hearkening back to the beloved Polly Pocket toys of the nineties. The game, developed by Spanish creators Ao Norte, encapsulates the charm and whimsy of miniature farming simulations set in virtual plastic clamshells.

In Tiny Garden, players are transported into a world where tiny dioramas act as thriving ecosystems. By planting seeds and rotating the side handle of the mini-clamshell, gamers can witness a variety of crops like carrots, lettuces, and other vegetation blooming before their eyes.

Unlike traditional farming games, Tiny Garden opts for a more relaxed and customizable experience. There are no specific challenges or scoring mechanisms, emphasizing comfort and personalization. Harvesting crops yields more seeds, offering opportunities to unlock rare plants and embellish the garden with unique furniture and decorations obtained through crop trading.

Certain plants in Tiny Garden have the ability to transform the landscape, allowing for diverse terrain modifications. From cultivating arid soil for cacti to nurturing water features for aquatic flora, players can sculpt their mini-gardens according to their preferences. The game encourages creativity and exploration within its compact gameplay structure.

While Tiny Garden may not promise hundreds of hours of gameplay, Ao Norte describes it as a charming and engaging experience tailored to a niche audience. The simplicity and elegance of the game, reminiscent of its Polly Pocket inspiration, offer a delightful way to unwind and immerse oneself in a miniature world of cultivation and discovery.

Overall, Tiny Garden’s successful Kickstarter campaign and upcoming release on Steam and Itch.io in February highlight the growing appeal of indie games that focus on relaxation and creativity. As players eagerly await the official launch, it’s clear that this tiny game by a tiny team has the potential to make a big impact in the gaming community, appealing to both fans of nostalgia and newcomers seeking a tranquil gaming experience.


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