In the exciting world of Lego Fortnite, finding crafting materials is essential for survival. One such material is Marble, which proves to be a valuable and scarce resource. This article will guide you through the process of obtaining Marble, as well as provide some tips and tricks along the way.

To obtain Marble in Lego Fortnite, you must first venture into the depths of a cave. Unlike other resources that can be found on the surface, Marble requires a bit more exploration. Look for a distinct and separate rock formation protruding from the ground – this is your entrance to the cave system. Once you locate this cave, be sure to interact with it, as a cave icon will then appear on your map for future reference.

Once inside the cave, your mission is to collect Marble from the light-colored rocks that emerge from the walls. However, it’s important to note that a common pickaxe won’t do the trick. To break through the Marble, you’ll need an Uncommon Pickaxe. This more powerful tool is obtained through an upgrade to your Fortnite Lego Crafting Bench. Additionally, you’ll need to refine some Lego Fortnite Knotroot on a Lumber Mill to acquire the necessary materials.

Obtaining an Uncommon Pickaxe

To obtain the Uncommon Pickaxe, you must first upgrade your Fortnite Lego Crafting Bench. This upgrade allows you to construct the Uncommon Pickaxe, which is capable of cracking through the Marble. However, before you can even consider constructing the Uncommon Pickaxe, you’ll need to find Lego Fortnite Knotroot. This resource can also be found within the cave system, meaning multiple visits may be necessary.

Tips and Tricks

– When searching for Marble, be sure to explore the entire cave system. There may be additional resources and hidden treasures waiting to be discovered.
– Make sure to bring enough supplies and equipment before venturing into the caves. Running out of resources deep underground can be a dangerous predicament.
– If you’re having trouble locating the cave entrance, consider seeking guidance from other players or online resources. Collaboration and communication are key in Lego Fortnite.

Marble is a valuable resource in Lego Fortnite, and obtaining it requires some strategy and effort. By locating and exploring caves, obtaining an Uncommon Pickaxe, and refining Lego Fortnite Knotroot, you can add Marble to your crafting repertoire. So gear up, grab your pickaxe, and embark on the search for Marble in the world of Lego Fortnite. Happy crafting!


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