Having had the opportunity to play a portion of Elden Ring’s expansion Shadow Of The Erdtree, I must say that it is truly a brilliant experience. However, there is one aspect of the DLC that I didn’t delve into in my preview – the standalone levelling system. In this article, I will provide a detailed analysis of this intriguing feature that was brought to our attention a month ago.

The standalone levelling system in Shadow Of The Erdtree revolves around three main components: Crosses, Scadutree Fragments, and Revered Ash Blessings. Crosses are scattered throughout The Land Of Shadow and serve as guiding beacons for players. They are said to be the “footsteps of Miquella” and players are encouraged to follow them to new areas within the DLC. These Crosses are distinct from Graces and cannot be interacted with in the same way.

Scadutree Fragments are the key resource of the new levelling system. Similar to flask shards or Golden Seeds from the base game, players have the option to cash in Scadutree Fragments when resting at Graces. Doing so will grant players a flat buff to their stats, but only within the DLC areas. Once players leave The Land Of Shadow, they will lose the buff. This mechanic adds a strategic element to the gameplay, as players must decide when and where to use their Scadutree Fragments for maximum benefit.

Revered Ash Blessings

Revered Ash Blessings function similarly to Scadutree Fragments, but they provide flat buffs to summonable allies within the DLC areas. These blessings are valuable assets that can greatly enhance the player’s companions in battle. While the exact method of obtaining these Ash Blessings is not clear, they likely serve as rewards for overcoming challenges such as defeating minibosses or exploring hard-to-reach areas.

Strategic Choices and Player Agency

The inclusion of the standalone levelling system in Shadow Of The Erdtree introduces interesting strategic choices for players. The buffs offered by Scadutree Fragments and Revered Ash Blessings are crucial for character progression and combat effectiveness. Players may choose to redeem these buffs to make their journey easier, especially if they are underlevelled or seeking to grow stronger. However, the optional nature of these buffs also allows for a more challenging experience for those who prefer to face tougher adversaries without the additional benefits.

The standalone levelling system in Elden Ring’s Shadow Of The Erdtree expansion adds depth and complexity to the gameplay experience. The introduction of Crosses, Scadutree Fragments, and Revered Ash Blessings provides players with new ways to improve their characters and allies within the DLC areas. This system offers a balance between player agency and strategic decision-making, enhancing the overall gameplay dynamics. As the expansion approaches its launch date on June 21st, players can look forward to exploring the full extent of this innovative levelling system in the mystical world of Elden Ring.


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