Sydney Sweeney recently starred in Sony’s Madame Web, a high-profile flop of 2024. Despite the movie’s lackluster performance, Sweeney has opened up about her decision to join the project. In an interview with GQ, she mentioned that the movie was a massive production with countless individuals involved. Sweeney viewed herself as just an actor hired to bring the character of Spider-Woman to life, a role that she believed her young cousins would find exciting. She acknowledged the lack of control over the outcome, especially without a producer’s role, emphasizing the unpredictability of the filmmaking process.

Reflecting on the experience of working on Madame Web, Sweeney highlighted the unconventional nature of the film’s production. While some, like Dakota Johnson, have expressed reluctance to engage in filmmaking by committee again, Sweeney remains open-minded. She acknowledged the uniqueness of the project and expressed a willingness to explore similar opportunities in the future if the right circumstances align. Sweeney’s perspective suggests a pragmatic approach to her career, balancing artistic endeavors with strategic decisions that pave the way for meaningful connections in the industry.

Despite the challenges and criticisms surrounding Madame Web, Sweeney defended her choice to participate in the project as a strategic business decision. She viewed the film as a stepping stone in building a professional relationship with Sony Pictures, a crucial aspect of navigating the competitive landscape of Hollywood. Sweeney recognized that not every project she undertakes is solely driven by artistic fulfillment, acknowledging the strategic considerations that come into play when selecting roles. In the case of Madame Web, the calculated move paid off, opening doors to more lucrative opportunities in the industry.

Sweeney’s involvement in Madame Web ultimately served as a catalyst for future successes. The actress leveraged her experience in the film to advance her career, leading to the development and sale of her rom-com Anyone But You. The film’s commercial success, surpassing Madame Web in box office earnings, solidified Sweeney’s position in the industry and positioned her for further projects. Additionally, Sweeney’s upcoming role in the remake of Barbarella demonstrates her versatility and ambition in taking on iconic characters from cinematic history. As the Spider-Man series continues to evolve in 2024 with the release of Venom: The Last Dance, Sweeney’s career trajectory underscores the importance of strategic decision-making in Hollywood and the opportunities that arise from calculated risks.


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