When engaging in the first major battle of Unicorn Overlord, players are faced with a formidable opponent – Galerius, the main antagonist of the game. This battle poses a significant challenge due to the unique abilities and resistances of Galerius. With a level 10 ranking and over 150 HP, Galerius is not to be underestimated. His ability to reduce all attacking units to 1 HP and his high resistance to physical attacks make him a tough adversary to defeat. Additionally, Galerius is accompanied by two other knights in a garrison, adding another layer of complexity to the battle.

Building Your Fighting Unit

To effectively counter Galerius and emerge victorious in the battle, players must carefully plan the composition of their fighting unit. A key strategy is to have a diverse team that includes a thief and magic-wielding fighters such as the Witch and Shaman. The thief’s Evade ability allows them to dodge attacks, while their double attack can bypass Galerius’ defensive buffs. The magic wielders, on the other hand, should be positioned in the backline to avoid being targeted. Players can also hire a third magic user at a conquered garrison on the overworld map to enhance their offensive capabilities.

The battle against Galerius unfolds towards the end of “The Priestess, Abducted” mission, following encounters with other units and the conquest of a city. It is crucial for players to be prepared with revive and healing items, as Galerius’ ability to reduce units to 1 HP can result in casualties. As players approach Galerius, they should send in high damage dealers to eliminate the two additional knights in the garrison. Once these knights are neutralized, the thief-led unit can engage in combat with Galerius, leveraging their double attack to chip away at his HP.

During the battle, players may need to adjust their strategy based on the evolving situation. If the additional knights are revived, it is advisable to switch to a different unit to counter them effectively. Players should also be vigilant about the health of their units, particularly the thief-led squad. Monitoring their HP and ensuring they are not at risk of taking damage is essential for sustaining the fight against Galerius. By persevering and making strategic decisions, players can eventually overcome Galerius, albeit after multiple attempts depending on the strength of their magic users.

The battle against Galerius in Unicorn Overlord is a test of strategic planning and tactical execution. By assembling a diverse fighting unit, leveraging the unique abilities of each character, and adapting to changing circumstances during the battle, players can increase their chances of defeating Galerius and progressing in the game. Victory against Galerius is not guaranteed, but with perseverance and careful planning, players can emerge triumphant in this challenging encounter.


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