The recent Nintendo Direct event brought about surprising announcements from both Nintendo and Square Enix. Among the plethora of reveals, Square Enix’s final announcement caught many off guard — a full remake of the SNES RPG Romancing SaGa 2. Set to release on 24th October 2024, Romancing SaGa 2: Revenge of the Seven is a modern take on the 1993 classic, bringing it into full 3D glory.

The remake of Romancing SaGa 2 goes beyond just a visual overhaul. Renowned composer Kenji Ito has rearranged the iconic soundtrack, offering players both the new versions and the original tracks to enjoy. Additionally, the game will feature voice acting in both English and Japanese, tweaks to the battle system, and an updated ‘timeline’ system. This updated version promises to capture the essence of the original while delivering a fresh experience for fans old and new.

The plot of Romancing SaGa 2: Revenge of the Seven unfolds in the Imperial year 1000, where fiends terrorize the land and nations face internal conflicts. The people await the prophecy of seven heroes who will save their kingdoms from ruin. However, a brutal attack on Avalon, the capital of the Varennes Empire, shatters these hopes. As Prince Victor falls to the hands of one of the legendary heroes, the empire plunges into despair. Emperor Leon, fueled by vengeance, entrusts his heir Gerard with the power to challenge the Seven and restore peace to the realm.

This 3D remake of Romancing SaGa 2 stays true to the original storyline while introducing new gameplay mechanics and features. Players can expect revamped battle and character growth systems, along with additions like difficulty settings to cater to a wide audience. The transition from pixel graphics to stunning 3D visuals breathes new life into the expansive world of Romancing SaGa 2, bringing familiar characters like Leon, Gerard, and the Seven Heroes to life in a fresh way.

Following the success of SaGa Emerald Beyond earlier in the year, Romancing SaGa 2: Revenge of the Seven is poised to deliver another engaging RPG experience. Fans of the series and newcomers alike can look forward to immersing themselves in this modernized version of a classic title. With its October release date drawing near, the anticipation for the Romancing SaGa 2 remake continues to grow. Are you ready to embark on this nostalgic journey once again? Share your excitement for the upcoming release in the comments below.


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