Magic: The Gathering enthusiasts are eagerly anticipating the release of the highly anticipated first Standard set of 2024, “Murders At Karlov Manor.” This captivating expansion is centered around a murder-mystery theme, featuring a series of intriguing murders and a skilled detective tasked with unraveling the mysteries. In addition to its thrilling narrative, the set introduces new and returning mechanics that revolve around the art of investigation. Excitingly, we have received exclusive previews of two captivating creatures from the upcoming set: Magnetic Snuffler and Delney, Streetwise Lookout.

One of the standout cards of the upcoming set is Magnetic Snuffler, which proves to be an invaluable companion for Equipment decks. This construct creature has the striking ability to retrieve any single Equipment card from the graveyard, bringing it back into play swiftly and efficiently. Imagine the surprise on your opponent’s face when their recently removed Colossus Hammer is suddenly back in action, all thanks to the craftiness of Magnetic Snuffler.

The power of Magnetic Snuffler doesn’t end there. When paired with “blink” effect cards like Conjurer’s Closet or Teleportation Circle, the Snuffler becomes an unstoppable Equipment regeneration machine. This can turn the tide of any battle, offering players a formidable advantage. Furthermore, Magnetic Snuffler also synergizes seamlessly with artifact tokens such as Clues, Food, and Treasures. With each artifact sacrifice, the Snuffler grows stronger, accumulating +1/+1 counters rapidly. For instance, sacrificing multiple artifacts like four Treasures for mana, activating a Clue, and consuming a Food token all contribute to the Snuffler’s growth. Not only does this creature become beefier, but players also reap additional benefits like card draw and life gain. The Snuffler’s potential in the right deck is eminent, creating an exciting dynamic for seasoned players and deck builders alike.

Delney, Streetwise Lookout: A Champion of Small Creatures

Delney, Streetwise Lookout, is a card that will undoubtedly delight Weenie decks. This remarkable human creature possesses the extraordinary ability to neutralize and render a formidable opponent’s large creatures harmless when accompanied by an army of 1/1 creatures. In particular, Delney synergizes exceptionally well with white’s innate capability to generate 1/1 Soldier tokens effortlessly. Cards like Myrel, the Shield of Argive open doors to countless possibilities, making Delney a valuable addition to any white creature deck. The second ability of Delney enhances its versatility even further. Many small creatures possess potent abilities that, when combined with Delney’s prowess, unleash tremendous value. Drawing two cards with Esper Sentinel or utilizing Felidar Guardian to blink two creatures exemplify the significant impact Delney can have on the game. Moreover, players can explore other colors and potential pairings with cards like Blood Artist or Ragavan, Nimble Pilferer, resulting in endless strategic opportunities. Delney is poised to make an instant impact in various Magic: The Gathering formats right from the start, capturing the hearts of players across the globe.

Earlier this week, the esteemed Wizards Of The Coast unveiled a collection of brand-new cards from the “Murders At Karlov Manor” expansion. This extraordinary preview included glimpses of new mechanics, the return of beloved characters from the Ravnica plane, and a host of other captivating features. The thrilling revelations showcased the boundless creativity and innovations that await players. To discover the full array of cards revealed during this presentation, delve into the gallery below.

Mark Your Calendars: The Immersive Journey Begins February 9

The highly anticipated “Murders At Karlov Manor” expansion is slated for release on February 9. Both local game stores and big-box retailers will be brimming with excitement as players immerse themselves in the thrilling world crafted by Magic: The Gathering. This expansion will be the first to utilize the new Play Booster format, adding an additional layer of excitement to the gameplay experience. Leading up to the release date, numerous previews are expected to captivate fans around the globe. Furthermore, enthusiastic players can anticipate participating in prerelease tournaments hosted by local game stores from February 2-8, heightening the anticipation and providing a taste of the captivating adventures that lie ahead.

“Murders At Karlov Manor” promises to be an enthralling addition to the ever-evolving Magic: The Gathering universe. With the introduction of Magnetic Snuffler and Delney, Streetwise Lookout, players can anticipate engaging in unprecedented gameplay strategies. The expansion’s murder-mystery theme, alluring mechanics, captivating characters, and immersive storytelling ensure that players will be enthralled by the mysteries that await them at Karlov Manor.


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