Over the past decade, rougelite video games have taken the gaming world by storm. These games offer a unique and exhilarating experience, where players face the risk of losing their progress upon death. One such game that has recently gained significant attention is Endless Dungeon, developed by Amplitude Studios. Known for their expertise in creating addictive gameplay, Amplitude has previously produced critically acclaimed strategy games such as Endless Legend and Endless Space. Endless Dungeon builds upon their success and offers players a blend of action-packed gameplay and tower defense elements. With its immersive space Western-style adventure and a dynamic environment that changes with each playthrough, this game promises to be a thrilling addition to the rougelite genre.

Unleashing the Action

Endless Dungeon takes players on a suspenseful journey through a creepy abandoned space station. The objective is to escort a Crystal Bot through multiple procedurally generated floors while fending off swarms of alien enemies. To succeed, players must strategically deploy their squad of three characters, each with their unique abilities and weapons. Elemental damage and enemy weaknesses play a crucial role in determining the effectiveness of their attacks. Players can also construct defensive turrets to fortify their positions and gain an advantage against the waves of adversaries. Every step towards progress offers exciting encounters with resource-filled rooms, enabling squad upgrades, Crystal Bot enhancements, and the construction of additional turrets.

A Second Chance

One of the defining features of rougelite games is the sense of progression even in the face of defeat. In Endless Dungeon, if players fail in their mission, their characters will return to the safety of the ship’s hub, a lively Saloon. Here, they can utilize resources to upgrade weapons, enhance character abilities, and modify their squad composition before embarking on another thrilling run. This mechanic encourages players to persevere despite setbacks and continuously improve their strategies for future attempts.

Endless Dungeon caters to both solo players seeking a tactical experience and cooperative play enthusiasts yearning for a sense of camaraderie. In single-player mode, players can take full control of their squadmates and approach the game as a team-based tactics game. However, the true intensity of the game shines when players join forces in three-player cooperative play. This mode evokes the adrenaline-pumping atmosphere reminiscent of iconic science fiction films like Aliens or Starship Troopers. Picture yourself and your squad backed into a corner within the space station, fighting off hordes of aliens while communicating and coordinating via Discord. The cooperative aspect adds an additional layer of excitement and strategic depth to the gameplay.

Amplitude Studios has always prioritized engaging with its community throughout the game development process. Endless Dungeon is no exception. Rather than relying solely on Steam Early Access, the studio took a different approach by leveraging Sega’s OpenDev program. They invited groups of players to test various aspects of the game, gathering valuable feedback to improve the overall experience. Besides the OpenDev program, Amplitude also conducted a Closed Beta and established an ongoing insiders program. This commitment to involving the player community demonstrates Amplitude’s dedication to pushing their boundaries and delivering a game that exceeds expectations.

Endless Dungeon represents Amplitude Studios’ opportunity to showcase their expertise in crafting addictive gameplay once again. The game’s distinct blend of action, strategy, and roguelite elements, combined with its vibrant space Western aesthetic, is sure to captivate players. With a release planned for October 19, 2023, on various platforms including PC, PlayStation, Xbox, and a future Nintendo Switch release, the anticipation for this game continues to grow. As players navigate the ever-changing corridors of the abandoned space station, they will experience the thrill of rougelite gaming at its finest. Endless Dungeon promises to be a remarkable addition to the genre and keep players engaged in its endless possibilities.


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