Alan Wake, the tormented writer who faced psychological trauma and supernatural creatures, is now embarking on a new adventure. In an unexpected twist, Wake is joining the cast of Dead by Daylight, a popular asymmetrical multiplayer horror game. This article explores his addition as a playable Survivor, the connection to the Alan Wake story, and the challenges he faces within the game.

The Arrival of Alan Wake

On January 30, 2024, players will be able to take control of Alan Wake in Dead by Daylight. Developed by Behaviour Interactive, this expansion introduces Wake as the “Champion of Light,” granting players new abilities to aid in their survival. Matthew Porretta lends his voice to the character once again, while Ilkka Villi provides Wake’s likeness. It’s a thrilling opportunity for fans to step into the shoes of the iconic writer.

Behaviours Interactive’s announcement adds an intriguing layer to Alan Wake’s involvement in Dead by Daylight. The developer suggests that Wake’s appearance is canon to the Alan Wake story. He is portrayed as a prisoner, desperately striving for freedom and resorting to using his writing to navigate the treacherous path. However, his attempt to escape leads him into the clutches of The Entity, a supernatural force that controls the game’s twisted reality.

In the Alan Wake series, the protagonist possesses an extraordinary ability to reshape reality through his writing. However, he is bound by the rules of storytelling and the influence of the Dark Place, a haunted realm. After the events of Alan Wake, our hero finds himself trapped within the Dark Place, relying on his writing to find a way out. His subsequent adventures in Alan Wake’s American Nightmare and Alan Wake 2 serve as “escape attempts” in the form of narratively-driven games.

A Never-Ending Loop

It appears that Alan Wake’s journey in Dead by Daylight is yet another chapter in his eternal struggle. Behaviour Interactive even provides a manuscript page hinting at this continuous loop. The page speaks of Wake’s search for light in the dark, referencing a script he once wrote for Night Springs, a fictional town engulfed in fog. As Wake’s memories resurface, he finds himself once again trapped in an unfamiliar place and desperately seeks an escape.

The Future for Alan Wake

Alan Wake’s presence in Dead by Daylight opens up intriguing possibilities for the character’s future. The game’s ever-evolving narrative and dedicated fanbase provide a platform for Wake’s ongoing story. It’s unclear whether he will permanently free himself from The Entity’s grasp or if he will remain an eternal prisoner. Nonetheless, the combination of the iconic horror of Dead by Daylight and the rich lore of Alan Wake creates an enticing blend for gamers.

The inclusion of Alan Wake in Dead by Daylight introduces a new chapter in the character’s troubled existence. As players navigate the horrors of the game, they will experience the challenges faced by Wake as he fights to escape The Entity’s grasp. With the seamless connection to the Alan Wake story, this expansion offers an exciting opportunity for fans and explores the limitless possibilities within the dark and twisted universe of Dead by Daylight.


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