Palia has finally made its way to Steam, allowing players to experience the whimsical MMO on yet another platform. As the game becomes available on different devices, questions about cross-platform support and cross-play arise. This guide will delve into these important topics to help you navigate the world of Palia seamlessly.

One of the most critical aspects of playing on multiple platforms is ensuring that your progress carries over. Fortunately, Palia supports cross-platform progression, meaning that you can transfer all your data, including characters and farms, across different devices. To take advantage of this feature, all you need to do is link your accounts. Whether you’re moving from Epic Games Store to Steam or from Nintendo Switch to PC, your progress will remain intact.

Playing with Friends

Cross-play in Palia opens up opportunities to play with friends regardless of the platforms they’re using. This means that you can join your friend’s game even if they’re playing on a different device. The game offers various multiplayer activities such as crafting, cooking, farming, fishing, foraging, and hunting, allowing you to engage in collaborative gameplay experiences. Adding friends and joining their servers is a simple process that enhances the social aspect of the game.

Adding friends and playing together in Palia is a straightforward process. On PC, you can open the friends list menu by pressing the “O” key. From there, you can navigate to the “+” symbol to input your friend’s name and send them a friend request. Once you’ve connected with your friend, you can team up in a party and teleport to each other’s houses and servers to enjoy the game together. The social features in Palia enhance the overall gaming experience and foster a sense of community among players.

Palia’s cross-platform support and cross-play features make it easy for players to enjoy the game with friends on different devices. The seamless progression transfer and multiplayer capabilities enhance the overall gameplay experience, creating a more immersive and social environment for players. Whether you’re exploring the world of Palia on Steam, Nintendo Switch, or any other platform, the game’s cross-platform support ensures that you can continue your adventure without any interruptions. Don’t miss out on the multiplayer activities and collaborative gameplay experiences that Palia has to offer with its cross-play feature. Dive into the world of Palia and discover the joy of playing with friends across different platforms.


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