Building rapport with characters in Unicorn Overlord is essential if you want to romance and eventually marry them. There are three main ways to increase your rapport with characters in the game.

One way to build rapport with a character is by having them fight alongside you in the same unit. Every time you engage in combat with an enemy unit, your rapport with the characters in your unit will increase. While this method is effective, it is also quite slow compared to the other options available.

Visiting the Tavern

Another way to increase rapport is by visiting the tavern in various towns and kingdoms around the map. The tavern icon on the overworld map is a beer with food. At the tavern, you can choose from three different food options, each offering a different amount of rapport. Some meals can even give you over 100 rapport, helping you quickly reach the maximum level of three.

Giving Gifts

The fastest way to boost rapport with a character is by giving them gifts. Gifts can be obtained from battles or purchased from stores in different towns. While some characters may prefer certain gifts over others, there are no disliked gifts. Higher value gifts, such as gems, can give any character triple-digit rapport.

In order to marry a character in Unicorn Overlord, you must first complete the story quest “The Witch’s Word” to obtain the Ring of Maiden. This quest is the final story mission in Elheim, the region where the Elves reside. After completing this quest, you will unlock the “Unicorn and Maiden” quest, which can be found on Palevia, the starting island.

Unicorn Overlord offers a wide range of romance options, including both male and female characters. However, it is important to note that if you choose to perform the ritual with a male character, Alain will not marry them in the story, despite them becoming your partner. Some characters are only available through side quests, and others may be missable depending on your story choices.

Building rapport and choosing the right character to romance and marry in Unicorn Overlord is a crucial aspect of the game. By following the tips and strategies outlined in this guide, you will be able to navigate the complex world of relationships in the game and create lasting bonds with your favorite characters. Choose wisely and enjoy the journey of love and adventure in Unicorn Overlord!


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