League Of Geeks, the acclaimed Australian developers known for their fantasy strategy games, have announced that they are going “into hibernation.” After 13 years as an independent studio, they have decided to take an extended break due to the challenging economic situation in the gaming industry. The majority of their team has already moved on to new opportunities, leaving the remaining staff to take a well-deserved break. It is uncertain when or if the studio will be revived in the future.

Despite receiving positive reviews, particularly for their release of Solium Infernum, League Of Geeks has faced challenges in generating sufficient sales to sustain further development and DLC. The remake of Cryptic Comet’s roleplaying strategy game did not meet the sales targets required to support ongoing operations. This setback, combined with rising costs and poor sales, led to the studio’s decision to halt development of Jumplight Odyssey and lay off half of their team in late 2023.

League Of Geeks had hoped that the launch of Solium Infernum would secure the studio’s future, but unfortunately, the game’s performance did not meet expectations. Additionally, their early access title Jumplight Odyssey was unable to attract sufficient investment to resume development. As a result, the studio has opted to release the game from Early Access within the next year without the fully realized version originally planned.

Despite the challenges and uncertainties ahead, League Of Geeks expressed pride in the accomplishments of their team over the years. They highlighted the collaborative experiences, talented developers, and supportive community members who contributed to their success. While the future of the studio remains uncertain, they are grateful for the journey they have shared with their community and peers.

League Of Geeks faces a period of hibernation as they navigate financial difficulties and reassess their future in the gaming industry. With a legacy of innovative games and dedicated fans, the studio remains hopeful for the possibility of revival in the future.


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