The realm of Final Fantasy XIV is no stranger to awe-inspiring feats, but it was still a momentous occasion when the first player completed every single achievement in the MMO after a staggering ten years. Director and producer Naoki Yoshida took a moment to acknowledge this astounding accomplishment and express his admiration during a press conference at the Final Fantasy Fan Festival in London. He commended the anonymous Japanese player for their perseverance, emphasizing how incredible it was to witness such unwavering determination as the creator of an MMO.

Earning all 2,751 achievements in Final Fantasy XIV is far from a simple task. This monumental undertaking involved triumphing in thousands of PVP battles, mastering the art of fishing, completing a mind-boggling 10,000 hunts, conquering every treasure dungeon at least 20 times, and finishing every levequest to perfection. With the daily limits imposed on repeatable side quests, the estimated time needed to accomplish such a feat reaches a staggering seven years in real-time. Even the initial set of achievements in Final Fantasy XIV posed significant challenges, and yet there is still more to come.

Naoki Yoshida, commonly known as Yoshi-P, recognizes the insatiable hunger that achievement hunters possess. In response to the player who has conquered all current challenges, he promises to provide even more hardcore achievements if the daring adventurer seeks a greater test. The development team is prepared to conceive new and daunting trials, pushing the limits of what players believe to be possible. However, the decision ultimately rests in the hands of this exceptional player.

“If they are requesting it, then of course, we’d be happy to do it. In that case, just drop us a message on the forums. If you do send us the message, I trust you. We will keep our promise,” Yoshi-P states, assuring players that their desires will be heard and met.

While the next level of achievements may remain uncertain, players can find solace in the knowledge that they will not have to wait long for new challenges to conquer. Final Fantasy XIV is constantly evolving, continuously introducing exhilarating dungeons and captivating quests leading up to the highly anticipated Dawntrail expansion next summer. Yoshi-P and his devoted team already have grand plans laid out for the subsequent two major expansions, promising a future filled with endless opportunities to prove oneself.

The remarkable accomplishment of completing every achievement in Final Fantasy XIV serves as a testament to the dedication and perseverance of players. As the community embraces new challenges and ventures forth into uncharted territories, the world of Final Fantasy XIV continues to be a realm where dreams are realized and legends are forged. The call for more arduous achievements has been heard, and only time will tell what monumental trials await those brave enough to answer it. Are you ready to take up the gauntlet?


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