In a surprising twist, Dead by Daylight has welcomed the titular protagonist from Alan Wake into its realm as its next survivor. Just months after navigating through the Dark Place in Remedy’s highly acclaimed survival horror game, Alan Wake finds himself facing yet another unfortunate situation. The crossover was initially hinted at on Monday, but it has now been confirmed through a gripping trailer and a news release that delves into the perks Alan will be bringing with him to the Fog.

One of the perks that Alan Wake brings to Dead by Daylight is called “Champion of Light.” This perk will activate when the player is holding a flashlight, reminiscent of the trusty weapon Alan relied on in his own game. When the flashlight is shining, the perk grants the player a 50% Haste, allowing for quicker movement. Additionally, if the player manages to blind the killer with the flashlight, the killer will also be hindered by 20% for a duration of six seconds.

The second perk, “Boon: Illumination,” enables players to create a Boon Totem that spans a radius of 24 meters. Within this area, survivors can see the aura of all chests and generators, highlighted in blue. This perk proves to be advantageous in locating essential resources and enhancing the survivor’s overall strategy.

Alan Wake’s third perk, aptly named “Deadline,” automatically activates when the player is injured. This perk increases the frequency of skill checks by 6/8/10% during repair or healing tasks, making them appear more frequently and in unexpected places. Furthermore, “Deadline” also reduces the penalty for missing skill checks by 50%, granting the player a bit of leniency in their endeavors.

In addition to the new survivor and his unique perks, Dead by Daylight’s Alan Wake chapter introduces a limited-time modifier called “Lights Out.” Although details surrounding this modifier remain scarce, developer Behaviour Interactive promises players a terrifying atmosphere devoid of several essential tools they are accustomed to. The inclusion of Alan Wake into the game’s ever-expanding universe reflects the compatibility and inspiration shared between the two franchises.

Sam Lake, the creative director at Remedy, expresses excitement and honor at Alan Wake’s arrival in Dead by Daylight. The collaboration with Behaviour Interactive clearly demonstrated the rich lore and similar inspirations present in both games. The convergence of these universes creates a nightmarish experience that is well-suited to Alan Wake’s haunting journey. With the release of Alan Wake 2, the timing couldn’t be more perfect for another thrilling nightmare to unfold.

Alan Wake joins an illustrious list of high-profile crossovers within the Dead by Daylight universe, including Nicolas Cage, Ripley from the Alien franchise, and the notorious Chucky doll. Meanwhile, Supermassive, the studio behind Until Dawn, is working on a single-player Dead by Daylight game set outside the domain of The Entity. The ever-expanding Dead by Daylight universe continues to evolve, offering players thrilling collaborations and exciting ventures beyond their expectations.

The introduction of Alan Wake into Dead by Daylight showcases a continuation of his ill-fated journey. With his array of unique perks and the promise of a terrifying environment through the “Lights Out” modifier, players can expect a thrilling and immersive experience that further solidifies the compatibility between the two franchises. As Dead by Daylight continues to push boundaries and explore new horizons, fans eagerly anticipate the nightmares yet to come.


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