An internal all-hands meeting at X, led by CEO Linda Yaccarino, has left employees concerned about the company’s future. Sources within X have revealed that there have been delays in the promotions process, and the sales team is not expected to meet revenue targets. With the company’s history of struggles under Elon Musk’s ownership, employees are bracing themselves for possible layoffs.

One of Elon Musk’s key lieutenants, Steve Davis, CEO of The Boring Company, has been conducting a financial review at X’s headquarters in San Francisco. Described as the “grim reaper who only shows up for bad things” by an anonymous source, Davis’s presence has raised further alarm among employees. Recent reports indicate that there have already been layoffs within the company, including the departure of Yaccarino’s right-hand man, Joe Benarroch.

During the recent all-hands meeting, employees were hoping for clarity on the company’s situation. Yaccarino opened the meeting by showcasing viral tweets and discussing upcoming live events on the platform. She emphasized the importance of discussions with advertisers regarding Musk’s x.AI chatbot Grok, as well as the company’s focus on video advertising. However, many pressing employee questions about HR, promotions, raises, and equity went unanswered.

X’s head of HR, Walter Gilbert, announced plans for a broader and more robust promotion process that will include regular check-ins throughout the year. Despite the efforts to address employee concerns, the meeting left many feeling uncertain about their future at the company. Notably, Musk was absent from the meeting, raising questions about his involvement in addressing the internal issues.

The internal struggles at X have left employees feeling anxious and unsure about the company’s direction. With ongoing financial reviews and potential layoffs looming, there is a sense of unease among the staff. The lack of transparency and communication from leadership has only fueled the uncertainty within the organization. Employees are looking for concrete answers and solutions to address the underlying issues affecting X’s performance.


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