The world of product branding tie-ins has seen its fair share of bizarre releases, but the recent collaboration between Yorkshire Tea and gaming controllers may take the cake. Yorkshire Tea, a well-known maker of teabags and tea-related products in the UK, has introduced two new additions to its online store – a Yorkshire Tea branded PlayStation 5 controller and an Xbox model. Complete with a pastoral scene featuring a sheep, these controllers have left many people scratching their heads in disbelief.

According to the product page, this peculiar association began with a tweet from controller designer POPeART, who showcased a design featuring Yorkshire Tea’s branding. Through a series of Zoom meetings, the collaboration between Yorkshire Tea and the controller designer blossomed, resulting in the creation of these unique gaming controllers. While the product listing humorously mentions a “special button that boils your kettle (not really),” it’s important to note that these controllers are fully functional gaming devices, with the only difference being the Yorkshire Tea branding.

One cannot help but wonder how playing games all these years without a controller reminding us of the comforting allure of a cup of tea. The Yorkshire Tea gaming controllers feature a distinctive design that sets them apart from their non-tea related counterparts. Adorned with images of trees, a stone wall, a figure tending the fields, and even a member of the woolly ovine community, these controllers truly embody the essence of Yorkshire.

In an attempt to fully embrace the gaming culture, Yorkshire Tea showcases its gaming terminology prowess in the product description. References to looting, one-shotting, levels, and more fill the text, giving it a whimsical tone reminiscent of a parent trying to be “down with da kidz.” While it may seem more like a humorous attempt rather than a genuine product description, it adds to the unique charm of the Yorkshire Tea gaming controllers.

Despite the humorous undertones and unique design, it is worth noting that these gaming controllers remain functional devices. They can be used seamlessly on PC via either a wireless dongle or Bluetooth. Yorkshire Tea’s collaboration with the controller designer focuses solely on aesthetics, ensuring that gaming enthusiasts can enjoy their favorite games with a touch of Yorkshire charm.

Although the “special button that boils your kettle” is, regrettably, just a joke, it does raise an interesting thought. The Yorkshire Tea branding, with its pastoral scene and all, creates a subtle association between gaming and taking a refreshing break with a cup of tea. The power of suggestion leaves a lingering question: have we been missing out on the ultimate gaming experience without these controllers reminding us to indulge in a tea break at least once an hour?

While the collaboration between Yorkshire Tea and gaming controllers may seem peculiar at first glance, it offers a refreshing and whimsical twist to the gaming world. The Yorkshire Tea gaming controllers, with their unique design and humorous undertones, embrace the essence of Yorkshire and add a touch of charm to the gaming experience. Despite the unconventional branding tie-in, these controllers stand as fully functional gaming devices, allowing gamers to enjoy their favorite games with a hint of tea-time nostalgia. So, next time you pick up a controller, let it serve as a gentle reminder to pause, have a cuppa tea, and immerse yourself in the comforting embrace of Yorkshire’s finest brew.


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