Sabotage Studio, the developer behind the indie RPG hit Sea of Stars, has decided to remove content creator and internet personality Jirard ‘The Completionist’ Khalil from the game. This decision comes after Khalil faced accusations of “charity fraud” last month. Thierry Boulanger, the director of Sabotage Studio, made the announcement on Discord, stating that a small patch will be released on Steam and soon submitted to consoles to replace Khalil’s character in the game.

Boulanger shared that the decision to remove Khalil was made after carefully monitoring the events that unfolded over the past few weeks. While the studio doesn’t feel it is their place to pass judgment on the accusations made against Khalil, they do prioritize maintaining a positive and optimistic atmosphere within their games and community. This decision reflects their commitment to upholding the spirit of their intentions, both creatively and otherwise.

As the patch is being prepared to replace Khalil’s character, Sabotage Studio asks for the support of their players and fans. They trust the community to respect their decision and hope that any discussions surrounding this topic will align with the essence of what makes their games and community special.

Looking Ahead

The upcoming patch, referred to as a “small patch,” is set to replace the builder NPC in Mirth, the in-game location where Khalil’s character appeared. The patch will first be released on Steam and will be submitted to consoles shortly after.

Sabotage Studio’s decision emphasizes the importance of maintaining a positive and inclusive environment within the gaming industry. It recognizes the impact of content creators and their association with games and wishes to ensure that their community remains a space that reflects their intentions.

With the decision to remove Jirard ‘The Completionist’ Khalil from Sea of Stars, Sabotage Studio takes a proactive approach in upholding the values and atmosphere they strive to create within their games and community. This decision indicates their commitment to maintaining a positive and inclusive space while addressing the recent allegations made against Khalil. As the patch to replace Khalil’s character is prepared for release, the studio relies on the continued support of their players and fans to respect their decision and engage in discussions that align with the spirit of their games and community.


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