Uber, the popular ridesharing and courier service, is looking to expand its offerings beyond transportation. In a bid to diversify its services and increase revenue, Uber is experimenting with a new pilot program called “Uber Tasks.” This program allows users to hire drivers from the Uber app to complete everyday household chores and projects. The pilot program will launch in Fort Myers, Florida and Edmonton, Alberta in the coming weeks.

What is Uber Tasks?

Uber Tasks is essentially an online marketplace for freelance laborers, similar to platforms like TaskRabbit or Thumbtack. However, this service is specifically targeted at Uber drivers and couriers who can opt-in to the program. Users can advertise a variety of tasks such as furniture assembly, snow removal, at-home laundry, packing/unpacking, holiday decorating, yard cleanup, garden maintenance, and lawn mowing.

For Uber couriers and drivers, they can browse and reserve tasks that are available in their area. The estimated earnings for each task are displayed to help drivers make informed decisions. This provides an opportunity for drivers and couriers to earn additional income on their own schedule, utilizing their existing skills.

According to Uber spokesperson Conor Ferguson, the company is always looking for ways to bring people more earning opportunities. The Uber Tasks pilot program is a way for drivers and couriers to put their skills to work outside of traditional transportation services. This move could potentially attract more drivers to join the Uber platform, as it offers a new avenue for earning income.

While Uber reported its second consecutive profitable quarter in 2023, the company is searching for ways to sustain its growth. The launch of the Uber Tasks pilot program is part of the company’s strategy to generate additional revenue streams. In recent months, Uber has made several attempts to diversify its services, including the introduction of a flight booking service in the UK and the inclusion of video ads in its app.

The Competition

Uber Tasks enters an already established market of freelance labor platforms such as TaskRabbit and Thumbtack. However, Uber’s large and active driver and courier network could give it an advantage in attracting users to its platform. The convenience of using the Uber app for both transportation and household chores may appeal to users who are already familiar with the service. However, it remains to be seen how Uber Tasks will fare in competition against established players in the market.

The Future of Uber Tasks

The success of the Uber Tasks pilot program will likely determine its future expansion. If the program proves to be popular and profitable, Uber may consider rolling it out to additional locations. However, if it fails to gain traction or does not provide a significant boost to Uber’s revenue, the company may pivot towards other strategies. For now, the pilot program will provide valuable insights into the demand for household chore services and the willingness of Uber drivers and couriers to participate.

Uber is taking a step beyond transportation with the introduction of the Uber Tasks pilot program. By offering users the ability to hire drivers for household chores, Uber is expanding its services and potentially attracting more drivers to its platform. The success of this pilot program will determine its future, but it showcases Uber’s willingness to innovate and seek new revenue streams in a competitive market.


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