In the year 2023, amidst the flurry of high-profile game releases, a magnificent gem has managed to elude me. The Spirit of the Samurai, an exquisitely animated stop-motion Soulslike Metroidvania steeped in Japanese folklore, has flown under my radar. While Metroidvanias are not typically my cup of tea, the inclusion of eerie yokai, a playable “warrior cat,” and the stunning beauty of stop motion animation have piqued my curiosity, turning Metroidvanias into an enchanting prospect.

The Spirit of the Samurai is an action-adventure game that embodies Soulslike and Metroidvania elements. Within its immersive world, you will engage in battles with Japanese spirits, including the shape-shifting Jorōgumo, across desolate cemeteries, ruined villages, mountain caves, and more. The whimsical aesthetic of the late Ray Harryhausen’s pioneering Dynamation style of animation brings this captivating universe to life.

Embark on your journey by assuming the roles of three distinct characters: Takeshi, an honorable samurai; Kodama, a courageous yet petite nature spirit traditionally bound to trees; and Chisai, a valiant warrior cat. Each character offers a unique gameplay experience, enabling you to interact with the world and combat enemies in dynamic ways. Whether through nimble platforming or the masterful wielding of weapons such as the iconic katana, the versatile yari spear, or the long-range bow, the power lies in your hands.

As you progress through The Spirit of the Samurai, your mastery of the game will be rewarded with experience points (XP). These valuable points can be utilized to unlock new abilities, enhance your stats, and forge custom combos using the innovative combo editor. Stay vigilant, as the world around you teems with treacherous adversaries and challenges that demand strength, skill, and strategic thinking.

The storyline of The Spirit of the Samurai presents a seemingly straightforward premise. You embody the samurai Takeshi, bestowed with the grave responsibility of protecting your village from the ruthless onslaught of an Oni hell-bent on domination. What truly captivates me is the promise of delving into Japanese folklore, unveiling the enchanting lore that adorns the realm of yokai. Even in the brief glimpses presented within the trailer, an array of sinister creatures has already been unveiled, leaving me eager to uncover the origins of their malevolence.

The Spirit of the Samurai is slated for release on various platforms, including PC, PS5, Xbox Series X, Xbox One, and even the nostalgic Atari VCS, in the forthcoming year of 2024. As the release date draws near, anticipation builds, mirroring the fervor with which the samurai would brace themselves for battle. The game promises an immersive fusion of enthralling gameplay and artistic brilliance, beckoning players into an uncharted realm where adventure and mystery intertwine. Prepare yourself to embark on a quest that will ignite your spirit and test the fortitude of your warrior’s heart.


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