Fortnitemares has made its chilling return to Fortnite, enveloping the battle royale island in a spooky atmosphere. One exciting addition to this haunting event is the appearance of zombie road signs scattered across various locations on the map. If you’re eager to participate in the latest challenge and earn some valuable XP by demolishing these eerie signs, we’ve got you covered. In this guide, we’ll reveal the prime spots to uncover these zombie road signs, providing you with an edge in completing the task.

Unlike most quests in Fortnite that rely on fixed locations, the game doesn’t explicitly indicate where to find these zombie road signs through the quest menu or map. Instead, they shift their positions slightly with each round, making the hunt more unpredictable. However, certain areas have proven to be more fruitful than others when it comes to stumbling upon these chilling signs.

One hotbed for zombie road signs lies within the roads encircling Frenzy Fields. This orange and autumnal region, nestled in the northwest corner of the island, has yielded favorable results for many seekers of these spooky signposts. The aesthetic resemblance of this biome to the harvest season adds to the allure and makes it a promising hunting ground for those in search of the zombie-themed signs.

Another area to focus your attention on is the orange and yellow-colored biome. This vibrant region boasts a prominent connection to the Halloween season and is likely to harbor numerous zombie road signs. By exploring the roads surrounding this biome, you increase your chances of stumbling upon these coveted signs. So hop in a car, navigate through the varied terrain, and stay on the lookout for any sign that may resemble the undead.

As you embark on your quest to demolish these zombie road signs, it’s important to note that not every street sign you encounter will be imbued with the essence of the undead. However, our observations have shown that three out of the first four signs found were of the zombie variety while traversing the road south of Frenzy Fields. Therefore, we recommend following this path. Stay on the road, maintain a keen eye for any signs that appear in your peripherals, and enjoy the thrill of plowing down these haunting markers. By dedicating just a minute or two to this method, you can successfully knock over three zombie road signs, earning yourself a substantial amount of seasonal XP.

With Halloween festivities in full swing, the reemergence of Fortnitemares in Fortnite has captivated players worldwide. Among the myriad of challenges and activities scattered throughout the game, the pursuit of zombie road signs stands as a memorable endeavor. By targeting areas such as the roads surrounding Frenzy Fields and the orange and yellow-colored biome, you increase your likelihood of uncovering these chilling signs. So embrace the thrill of the hunt, buckle up, and embark on a spine-chilling road trip to an XP-filled victory. And don’t forget to check out this season’s exciting crossovers, which include the iconic Michael Myers and an array of other thrilling surprises.


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