In the world of gaming, there are few things worse than a moment of failure that leaves you cringing in embarrassment. For one unfortunate player of Baldur’s Gate 3, such a moment unfolded in the most spectacularly disastrous way imaginable. Honour Mode, with its one save slot and inability to reload saves, presents a challenge that demands careful consideration. Unfortunately, this player’s lack of attention to detail resulted in a monumental blunder that sealed their fate.

Setting the stage for the cataclysmic failure, the player chose to align themselves with Orpheus and ventured into the Astral Realm in an attempt to free him. Accompanied by the ever-sensitive Lae’zel, they thought they had everything under control. After all, who would want to face the final boss without their reliable companion by their side? It all seemed like a brilliant plan, until they realized the crucial mistake that would ultimately prove their downfall.

In their hasty preparations, the player had forgotten one vital item – the Orphic Hammer. They had carelessly left it behind in their camp, nestled away in the inventory of Karlach, whom they had replaced with Lae’zel. The gravity of their error became painfully apparent in the Astral Realm’s ‘red zone’ – a place where quick travel and access to the camp were restricted. With no way to retrieve the hammer or return to their camp, the player’s fate was sealed. They were now left to wander the realm, utterly alone except for their own thoughts and “farts” as they so eloquently put it.

The Stupidest Path to Failure

This epic failure is undeniably one of the most lamentable ways to fall short in Baldur’s Gate 3 Honour Mode. The player, perhaps attempting to deflect blame, partly accuses Lae’zel for the oversight. However, it begs the question – who ultimately controls Lae’zel’s inventory? It’s an unfortunate circumstance that could have been avoided with a bit more attention to detail and careful planning.

As news of this ignominious failure spread, the gaming community couldn’t help but react. One response expressed anticipation for Larian, the game’s developer, to add a touch of sass in their patch notes addressing this issue. Larian is known for delighting in the missteps and poor decisions of its players, so it wouldn’t be surprising if they took the opportunity to humorously admonish the player’s blunder. In fact, it’s likely that there’s already a Larian developer shaking their head in disapproval.

While this story might leave us chuckling at the misfortune of the player, it serves as a reminder to all gamers to be cautious and attentive. Baldur’s Gate 3 Honour Mode demands focused decision-making and meticulous planning. One moment of absent-mindedness can lead to catastrophic consequences. So, before diving into this epic RPG adventure, take a moment to double-check your inventory, assess your party composition, and ensure that your journey is not marred by a preventable failure.

Rise from the Ashes

Although this particular player’s Honour Mode run ended in a most embarrassing defeat, their story serves as a beacon of caution and entertainment for others. Learn from their mistakes, venture forth, and may your own path in Baldur’s Gate 3 be one of triumph rather than folly.


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