The recent update for the procedural generation detective game, Shadows of Doubt, introduced a new element called “Sharpshooter Assassins” armed with high-powered rifles. This addition was meant to bring a new level of challenge to players as they navigate through the game’s eerie alternate-1980s cities. Players are tasked with deciphering the killer’s vantage point by analyzing the trajectory of a bullet before moving on to another crime scene to search for the murder weapon and witnesses. The concept of snipers lurking in the shadows definitely adds a sense of danger to the forensic sandboxing experience. However, the excitement is dampened by the realization that these sharpshooters are not always as accurate as they should be.

Surprisingly, the developers themselves, ColePowered Games, have acknowledged the shortcomings of the Sharpshooter Assassins. They have pointed out that many players have come across piles of spent ammunition at crime scenes, indicating that the shooters have been missing their targets more often than not. The developers humorously mention the reports of inaccurate shots and assure players that they are working on a solution to address the issue. The department is actively seeking a fix for these less-than-precise sharpshooters.

One of the suggestions mentioned in the patch notes for the game’s latest experimental branch update alludes to a “potential fix for sniper excessive shooting scenario”. While the details of this solution remain undisclosed, one can’t help but wonder if limiting the sharpshooters’ ammo or implementing an NPC embarrassment system could be viable options. The idea of penalizing the snipers for their misses adds an interesting twist to the gameplay and raises questions about the realism and consequences of failed assassination attempts in the game.

Shadows of Doubt sets itself apart from traditional detective games by simulating murders in real-time, carried out by fully autonomous NPCs with intricately simulated lives. This complexity adds a layer of challenge and unpredictability to the gameplay, as murders may either succeed or fail based on the NPCs’ actions within the generated metropolis. The developers’ approach to crafting a realistic and immersive experience mirrors the challenges faced in real-life criminal investigations, where not every crime is solved easily or perfectly.

The fact that Shadows of Doubt remains in early access with no definitive release date demonstrates the developers’ commitment to refining and perfecting the game before its full launch. The ambitious project of creating a dynamic and responsive gaming environment where NPCs can make mistakes and fail presents a unique challenge not commonly seen in the gaming industry. While other studios may shy away from such complexities, ColePowered Games embraces the opportunity to push the boundaries of traditional game development.

The introduction of Sharpshooter Assassins in Shadows of Doubt may have unintentionally highlighted the flaws in the game’s AI and mechanics. However, the developers’ willingness to address and rectify these issues showcases their dedication to delivering a high-quality and immersive gaming experience. As players eagerly await the next updates and patches, the allure of navigating through the murky streets of alternate-1980s cities, with the threat of inaccurate sharpshooters looming overhead, adds a thrilling element to the already captivating world of Shadows of Doubt.


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