Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door offers a hidden gem in the form of a secret party member named Ms. Mowz, but unlocking her requires a specific side quest. After concluding Chapter 4 in Twilight Town, players must return to Rogueport and head to the Trouble Center on the city’s eastern side. There, they can pick up the “Elusive Badge” side quest.

Upon climbing up to the roof of Zess T’s house, players will encounter “??? the questgiver,” who is none other than Ms. Mowz without her signature bow. She entrusts players with the task of finding an elusive badge located “in Hooktail’s room,” emphasizing the importance of the power of the wind in uncovering its whereabouts.

To retrieve the elusive badge, players must revisit Hooktail Castle, where they previously battled the giant dragon in Chapter 1. While the journey back may involve facing re-spawned enemies, it is essential to note that defeating them yields minimal rewards at this stage of the game. Upon reaching Hooktail’s room, players must utilize Flurrie’s field skill to blow away a hidden paper panel and reveal a chest containing the sought-after badge.

Ms. Mowz may not shine in combat compared to other party members like Bobbery or Vivian, but her unique abilities make her a valuable companion. In battle, she offers a mix of offensive and support skills, such as a slap attack that bypasses enemy defense and a healing skill that restores 10 HP to Mario. However, it is Ms. Mowz’s field ability that truly sets her apart.

Ms. Mowz possesses the invaluable skill of sniffing out hidden treasure, making her an asset for players who seek to uncover every secret in the game. As players approach hidden treasure, Ms. Mowz will visibly react, guiding them closer to their goal. In a game abundant with hidden treasures, having Ms. Mowz by your side can significantly enhance your exploration and reward you with valuable Star Pieces needed to purchase the best badges.

While Ms. Mowz may not boast the highest damage output among party members, her utility in uncovering hidden treasures makes her a worthwhile addition. It is advisable to prioritize upgrading other party members like Bobbery, Vivian, or Koops before enhancing Ms. Mowz’s capabilities. Save Shine Sprites for other party members first, as Ms. Mowz’s true strength lies in her field skill rather than combat prowess.

Unlocking Ms. Mowz in Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door adds a new dimension to gameplay, offering players the opportunity to discover hidden treasures and secrets throughout their adventure. While she may not be the strongest combatant, her unique abilities make her a valuable asset in completing the game to its fullest potential.


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