The Fallout 4 All Hallows’ Eve quest is a new addition that players can explore after installing the next-gen update for the game. To start this quest, players must first trace a mysterious radio signal to Boston and investigate the New England Technocrat Society. Upon reaching the location of the signal, which is revealed as the Harbormaster Hotel, players will encounter a group of feral ghouls that they must defeat before proceeding further.

After dealing with the feral ghouls, players will come across a locked door with a keypad that requires a password to unlock. The All Hallows’ Eve password in Fallout 4 can be found by following clues left by Dr. Santiago, one of the ghouls in a Jack O’Lantern mask. By reading Lana’s Notes, players can deduce the password based on the number of specific objects found in each numbered room: Specimen Jars in Room 1, Skull Candles in Room 2, Teddy Bears in Room 3, and Jack-O’-Lanterns in Room 4. Combining the quantities of these items results in the password 4346, which can be entered into the keypad to access the locked room.

Inside the locked room, players will find the System Controls that allow them to disable the system and open the safe. Additionally, there is a desk to the left of the terminal where players can find the Picket Fences Halloween Special magazine. This magazine adds a selection of Halloween-themed settlement decorations to the player’s inventory, providing a fun and festive touch to their gameplay experience in Fallout 4.

The All Hallows’ Eve quest in Fallout 4 offers players a unique and engaging challenge to uncover the password needed to unlock a hidden room and reap valuable rewards. By following the clues left behind by Dr. Santiago and paying attention to the details of the numbered rooms, players can successfully navigate through this quest and enjoy the festive atmosphere of Halloween in the post-apocalyptic world of Fallout 4.


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