The concept of possession as a supernatural ability has long been a staple in video games, often appearing as a minor power or plot point in various narratives. However, it is rare to see this ability fully explored and utilized to its fullest potential in the gaming industry. This may change with the upcoming release of Unknown 9: Awakening, an action-adventure game developed by Reflector Entertainment, a studio owned by Bandai Namco Europe.

Unknown 9: Awakening introduces players to Haroona, a young Quaestor portrayed by Anya Chalotra of Netflix’s The Witcher. Haroona is on a quest to master her psychic abilities known as “Umbric” powers, which are connected to a magical dimension called The Fold. As the protagonist delves into her past and seeks vengeance for unknown reasons, she gradually embraces her role as a hero and confronts dark forces that stand in her way. Within the Unknown 9 universe, Quaestors are warriors who seek the enigmatic group of immortals known as Unknown 9, aiming to either use their powers for the betterment of humanity or exploit them for personal gain.

One of the key gameplay mechanics in Unknown 9: Awakening is the ability to “step,” which essentially allows Haroona to possess her enemies temporarily. This unique feature opens up a world of strategic possibilities, as players can manipulate their surroundings, reposition enemies, and execute coordinated attacks with precision. The dynamic combat system in the game merges strategy and real-time action, offering a fresh take on psychic warfare in the gaming landscape.

The game’s combat system revolves around Haroona’s diverse skill set, including shield summoning, telekinesis, hand-to-hand combat, and the pivotal stepping ability. By utilizing these powers effectively, players can orchestrate elaborate maneuvers, outmaneuver opponents, and create chain reactions that tip the scales in their favor. The ability to possess enemies and control their actions adds a layer of complexity to the gameplay, rewarding strategic thinking and inventive tactics.

Unknown 9: Awakening not only promises visually stunning environments spanning deserts, jungles, and cities but also offers a deeper dive into tactical gameplay and stealth mechanics driven by possession. The game’s potential to blend elements of stealth exploration and combat into a cohesive experience sets it apart from conventional action-adventure titles. With its release slated for Summer 2024, Unknown 9: Awakening has the makings of a sleeper hit that could redefine the way players engage with psychic abilities in video games.

The innovative approach to possession as a gameplay mechanic in Unknown 9: Awakening heralds a new era of psychic warfare and strategy combat in the gaming industry. By pushing the boundaries of traditional narratives and integrating unique gameplay elements, the game has the potential to captivate players and establish itself as a standout title in the evolving landscape of video games. As the release date approaches, anticipation builds for what could be a groundbreaking experience for fans of action-adventure games.


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