In the realm of gaming SSDs, the WD Black SN850X stands out as a true powerhouse. Priced at $140 for the 2TB configuration on Amazon, this SSD boasts impressive read/write speeds of 7,300 MB/s and 6,350 MB/s respectively. What sets this drive apart from the competition is not just its speed, but also its versatility and reliability. With ample storage for a Windows installation and a plethora of modern games, the SN850X shines as an all-rounder that can handle any task with ease. Additionally, this SSD runs cool and quiet, making it an ideal choice for a main system drive. Despite the option to splurge on a version with a heatsink, our testing has shown that the standard configuration performs admirably without one. With a write endurance of 600TB, the WD Black SN850X is built to last, making it a solid investment for years to come.

For budget-conscious gamers looking to boost their system’s performance, the Lexar NM790 is a stellar choice. Priced at under $72 for the 1TB version on Amazon, this SSD delivers lightning-fast speeds at an affordable price point. With a read rating of 7,400 MB/s and write rating of 6,500 MB/s, the NM790 outpaces its competitors in terms of performance. Despite its lower capacity compared to the WD Black SN850X, this drive excels in speed and reliability. Equipped with the MaxioTech MAP1602A controller, the NM790 offers exceptional performance and a maximum write endurance of 1000TB. Our own testing of the 4TB model left us thoroughly impressed with its capabilities. Like the WD drive, the Lexar NM790 runs cool even without an extensive heatsink, making it a practical choice for long gaming sessions without overheating. For gamers seeking increased storage capacity, the 2TB version of the NM790 is available for $140 on Amazon, providing an excellent balance of speed, capacity, and affordability.

As the gaming industry continues to evolve, the demand for high-performance SSDs remains ever-present. While prices may have risen in recent years, the WD Black SN850X and Lexar NM790 showcase that exceptional storage solutions can still be found at reasonable prices. With their impressive speeds, reliability, and affordability, these two drives have earned our stamp of approval as top choices for gaming enthusiasts. Whether you prioritize capacity, speed, or a mix of both, the WD Black SN850X and Lexar NM790 offer compelling options that cater to a variety of gaming needs. As gamers ourselves, we can confidently recommend these SSDs as reliable and high-performing additions to any gaming rig. Opt for power, speed, and durability with the WD Black SN850X and Lexar NM790 – your gaming experience will thank you.


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