An intriguing development has stirred up the gaming community as a new trademark filing may have revealed the name of the highly anticipated Indiana Jones adventure game currently in the works at MachineGames. Although the official announcement is slated for next week as part of the Xbox Developer Direct, the cat may have been let out of the bag a little early, thanks to the diligent efforts of keen-eyed sleuths. The astute Kurakasis on Twitter uncovered that Lucasfilm, on January 9, 2024, registered various website domains, all incorporating versions of the phrase “Indiana Jones and the Great Circle.” This name had, in fact, been filed for trademark in Europe two years ago, specifically for video games and related products and services. While the domain that catches the most attention is, it is important to remember that until an official confirmation is given, this revelation could very well be a clever diversion. Nonetheless, it remains the most substantial clue we have about what MachineGames has in store for us.

The chosen name itself, “The Great Circle,” is enigmatic yet malleable, with multiple potential interpretations. In common parlance, “The Great Circle” could connote the essence of life or perhaps point to a specific location or mythological element. Furthermore, it is plausible that the name serves as a metaphor, where the circle is not a literal shape at all. Whatever the true meaning behind the title, its unveiling ignites a wealth of possibilities and will undoubtedly fuel intense speculation among passionate players in the coming week.

While awaiting the full reveal from MachineGames on January 18, 2024, there are only a handful of certainties regarding the forthcoming Indiana Jones game. Todd Howard, the director and producer at Bethesda Game Studios, previously described the game as a “unique” experience that blends various genres in a captivating mash-up style. Additionally, he emphasized that it serves as a sincere “love letter” to the esteemed Indiana Jones franchise. Furthermore, an FTC filing confirms that the game will be exclusively available on Xbox and PC. Apart from these few morsels of information and the rumored title, the details surrounding MachineGames’ adaptation of Indiana Jones largely remain shrouded in secrecy. The veil of mystery will soon be lifted, inviting anticipation to bubble over as eager fans await further revelations about this exciting game.

Awaiting the unveiling of a highly anticipated game often feels like embarking on a thrilling adventure. The speculations sparked by the seemingly accidental discovery of the trademark filing and the subsequent title reveal have only heightened the sense of excitement and curiosity surrounding MachineGames’ Indiana Jones project. As the days count down until the official reveal, it is crucial for enthusiasts and gaming aficionados alike to keep their ears to the ground and their eyes peeled for any additional hints or clues that may emerge. The realm of Indiana Jones awaits, promising an experience that will captivate players and evoke the spirit of the beloved franchise. Stay tuned for forthcoming updates and prepare to embark on an unforgettable journey into the world of Indiana Jones.


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