Last week, Sebastien Mitton, the studio director of Arkane Lyon, released three concept artworks for their upcoming adaptation of Marvel’s Blade. While these artworks may not reveal much, it is not impossible to dig deep into the cryptic visual cues and speculate about the exciting world that awaits us in this third-person action adventure set in Paris.

The first mesmerizing artwork captures Blade standing atop a rooftop, overlooking a dystopian street filled with burning cars. Neon lights and hoverships illuminate the scene, creating an eerie yet captivating ambiance. The combination of both old and modern architecture hints at a disharmony between the past and the future, a theme consistent with Arkane Lyon’s previous work. Blade’s vantage point suggests that vertical exploration and infiltration will play a significant role in the game, much like their acclaimed Dishonored series.

The second artwork presents Blade at ground level, peering cautiously around the corner of a graffiti-covered alley. A crowd is queuing outside a nightclub, while Blade covertly assesses the situation. Behind him, a large air duct could potentially serve as a hidden entrance or a strategic escape route. The scene evokes shades of the legendary dancefloor slaughter scene from the first Blade movie, fueling speculation that the club might serve as a secret vampire den. Alternatively, Blade’s presence in the alley could indicate his expulsion from the club by a bouncer who grew tired of his acrobatic antics. Poor Blade indeed.

The final concept art provides a glimpse of Blade within the confines of a metro train car. Brandishing his sword, Blade appears to be confronting a group of angry triangles, symbolizing stylized bats. This encounter raises questions about the nature of Blade’s adversaries. Will he face off against vampires possessing extraordinary Dracula-like abilities? Or could this suggest that Blade himself has the ability to transform into a bat? These thrilling possibilities align seamlessly with the supernatural elements and versatile arsenal found in Arkane Lyon’s Dishonored games.

However, it is the vampire passengers within the train car that truly captivate. Their slouched and disengaged postures, combined with their vacant expressions, hint at a sense of weariness or perhaps an overdose of blood. Are they fatigued from their nocturnal activities, or are they simply jaded commuters forced to endure Blade’s supernatural presence? The richness of detail in these minor characters underscores Arkane Lyon’s dedication to crafting a vibrant and immersive world.

A Modern and Bold Art Style

While the concept artworks tease us with delicious glimpses into the Blade universe, what do we truly know about the game? Set in a quarantined section of Paris during a supernatural crisis, the city’s streets are ruled by vampires while ordinary citizens take refuge indoors. Blade emerges as the protagonist tasked with restoring order to this chaos. Mitton describes Blade as a slick, stylish, and driven character and promises an art style that pushes the boundaries of modernity and boldness. From impactful ideas to innovative execution, Arkane Lyon’s dedication to creating an immersive experience is undeniable.

As we eagerly await the release of Marvel’s Blade game, the combination of Arkane Lyon’s stellar reputation and the tantalizing hints hidden within the concept artworks ignite our imaginations. With its stunning visuals, complex world-building, and a narrative that promises both excitement and intrigue, this adaptation has the potential to embody the essence of Blade while pushing the boundaries of what a video game can achieve. So, fasten your seatbelts and prepare to be transported into a realm cloaked in darkness, mystery, and supernatural prowess.

If you missed the trailer, be sure to catch it now and join us in the countdown to the release of Marvel’s Blade game.


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