Fortnite continues to surprise and astound its fanbase by introducing an odd and unexpected collaboration in its Chapter 5 battle pass. The popular battle royale game has managed to include two iconic characters from different worlds: Solid Snake from Metal Gear Solid and Peter Griffin from Family Guy. It is indeed a testament to Fortnite’s determination to hoard and incorporate every popular multimedia character in existence.

In this bizarre crossover, Peter Griffin arrives in Fortnite with a significant change in appearance. Viewers will immediately notice that Peter has undergone a peculiar transformation, specifically in regards to his physique. He now possesses a muscular and hulking build, resembling someone who has spent endless hours devoted to intense gym sessions. This design alteration was possibly necessary to bring balance to the game, as Peter’s original form would have provided an unfairly large hitbox.

To shed some light on this unusual transformation, Fortnite released a short animated film in the style of Family Guy. The film showcases Peter’s awareness of his invitation to the Battle Bus. In typical Peter Griffin fashion, he seeks guidance from a cartoon cat doctor on how to achieve his newfound muscularity. However, being Peter, he rejects educational books on fitness and instead opts for the peculiar choice of consuming expired “Slurp Juice” for an energy boost. The full short film can be viewed below, providing a humorous insight into Peter’s transformation.

Fans of the dysfunctional sitcom dad can rejoice as they discover that Peter Griffin’s presence in Fortnite doesn’t stop with just being a playable character. Epic Games has gone the extra mile by including additional goodies from the show, such as Peter’s glider variant – “The Petercopter.” This peculiar glider is a blue helicopter intricately modeled after Peter’s face, amplifying the bizarre nature of his appearance in the game. Online discussions among loyal fans have also revealed that there is precedent for Peter’s muscular physique in the original Family Guy source material, adding another layer of authenticity to his inclusion.

Chapter 5 and Beyond

Fortnite Chapter 5, commencing on December 3, not only introduces these unexpected crossover characters but also brings forth numerous additional features and updates. Players can look forward to moddable weapons, expanded movement options, rideable trains, and more exciting elements within the new chapter. As the fanbase eagerly awaits these new additions, Epic Games and Lego are even collaborating to create a survival-crafting game playable within Fortnite. This upcoming collaboration is set to launch on December 7, further expanding the already diverse and extraordinary world of Fortnite.

Fortnite continues to push boundaries and surprise its audience with its ability to bring together seemingly unrelated characters and universes. The inclusion of Solid Snake and Peter Griffin in Fortnite’s Chapter 5 battle pass is further evidence of the game’s dedication to providing unique and entertaining experiences for its players. Whether it’s Peter Griffin’s unusual transformation or the upcoming collaboration with Lego, Fortnite ensures that its players are never left wanting for excitement and unexpected surprises.


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