David Yates, the director of all three Fantastic Beasts movies, recently made a surprising admission about the future of the franchise. In an interview with Total Film, he revealed that the series is currently “parked” and that he was initially unaware of J.K. Rowling’s plan to make five films. This revelation raises some important questions about the direction of the franchise and what led to its current state.

Yates explained that the making of the Fantastic Beasts films was no easy task. The last film was particularly challenging, as it was filmed during a pandemic. Yates shared that they had strict protocols in place to ensure the safety of the cast and crew. Fortunately, no one got sick, but the experience was undoubtedly demanding. This raises the question of whether the difficulties faced during production affected the quality of the films.

One of the main reasons fans started speculating about the future of the Fantastic Beasts franchise was the underwhelming performance of the latest installment, Fantastic Beasts: The Secrets Of Dumbledore, at the box office. The film only earned $43 domestically, a far cry from its $200 million production cost. This significant financial loss naturally raises concerns about the viability of continuing the series.

Yates further revealed that the idea of having five films was a surprise to most of the people involved in the franchise. He himself only learned about it during a press screening. It is alarming to think that such a significant decision was made without consulting key members of the production team. The lack of communication and planning raises questions about the cohesion and vision of the series.

Yates made it clear that the future of the franchise remains uncertain. He expressed that he has not had any discussions with J.K. Rowling, the producer, or Warner Bros. about the next steps for Fantastic Beasts. The director sees this break as an opportunity to step back and reassess the direction of the series. However, the absence of clear plans and communication about the future raises concerns about the franchise’s stability and creative vision.

Fantastic Beasts: The Secrets Of Dumbledore was released to a lukewarm response from both critics and audiences. This is a far cry from the early days of the Wizarding World franchise when it was considered a crown jewel in the movie industry. The decline in quality, mixed with financial disappointments, has left many fans feeling uncertain about the future of the Fantastic Beasts series.

David Yates’ revelation about the franchise’s current status and the lack of awareness regarding J.K. Rowling’s plan for five films raises significant concerns. The challenging production journey, underwhelming box office performance, unplanned expansion, and lack of communication all contribute to the uncertainty surrounding the future of Fantastic Beasts. It is crucial for the producers, director, and creative team to address these issues and find a clear direction if they intend to revive the once-great franchise. Otherwise, they risk further damaging the beloved world of the Wizarding World and disappointing the fans who have invested their time and passion into the Fantastic Beasts series.


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