Wildermyth, a turn-based tactical RPG, has captured the hearts of many gamers, including Sin, who considers it one of the best games ever played. Recently, the game received its second DLC, Omenroad, which transformed it into a roguelike. However, this DLC marks the end of the road for Wildermyth and, for the time being, for the talented team behind it, Worldwalker Games. In a bittersweet announcement, studio co-owner Nate Austin revealed that active development on Wildermyth has come to a close. While the game will continue to receive support and critical bug fixes, fans should not expect any new content in the future. Additionally, the studio will bid farewell to several team members as Worldwalker Games enters a period of hibernation.

The Farewell

Despite Omenroad’s success in the market, with sales reportedly performing well, the decision to halt development on Wildermyth was not based on financial reasons. Austin clarified that the team is moving on because they have completed their work on the project. While this may seem like the end, Austin hinted that Worldwalker Games may resurface in the future. He expressed his confidence that the team will find another project to pour their passion into eventually. However, for now, they plan to embark on a period of reflection and exploration to discover their next endeavor.

A New Beginning?

Although the future remains uncertain, Austin made it clear that a Wildermyth sequel is not in the cards. After dedicating 11 years to the original game, the team is eager to explore new horizons and challenge themselves creatively. In a conversation with PC Gamer, Austin emphasized the importance of taking time to venture into the unknown before committing to a new project. While the prospect of a reunion with Worldwalker Games down the line is exciting, it appears that the team is ready to embrace change and seek fresh opportunities outside the realm of Wildermyth.

The announcement of Wildermyth’s halt in active development signals the end of an era for Worldwalker Games. As the studio enters a period of hibernation, fans are left to reflect on the impact of Wildermyth and anticipate what the future may hold for the talented team behind it. While the journey may have come to a temporary stop, the spirit of adventure and innovation that defined Wildermyth lives on, inspiring hope for new creations and experiences yet to come.


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