Dredge, an unexpected gem in the horror fishing game genre, is set to release its highly anticipated first expansion on November 16. The Pale Reach update promises to take players on a bone-chilling adventure through an icy biome, offering new fishing opportunities and a range of quality of life improvements. Developed by Black Salt Games, Dredge has been steadily receiving updates since its launch in March. However, the Pale Reach expansion stands in a league of its own, transforming the indie sensation into an even richer and more immersive experience.

Prepare yourself for an expedition like no other as you traverse the frigid canyons of the icy biome. In Pale Reach, players will follow in the footsteps of a lost expedition, delving deeper into the uncharted territory and uncovering the dark fate that befell its previous inhabitants. To navigate the treacherous waters, upgrading your ship with specialized gear becomes a necessity. Brace yourself as you shatter through the freezing floes and confront the unknown that lurks below the surface.

The creation of an icy biome was a concept initially contemplated during the early development stages of Dredge. However, due to the constraints of both storytelling and time, other biomes took precedence. Nonetheless, the fervent requests from the dedicated community could not be ignored. The overwhelming response, including fan art inspired by the untapped potential of an icy realm, prompted the developers to bring this concept to life. Producer Nadia Thorne expresses her enthusiasm, stating, “We are delighted to make this dream a reality for our players.”

The Pale Reach expansion not only introduces a new environment but also boasts an expansion of the already diverse fauna. Prepare to encounter 11 unique fish and crab species, alongside their spine-chilling counterparts. Black Salt Games has teased the inclusion of an unprecedented fish type, eagerly awaiting players to uncover its mysteries. Additionally, a new item has been introduced to the game, ensuring that the freshness of your hard-earned catch remains unaffected by external climatic conditions.

As Dredge fans eagerly anticipate the release of the Pale Reach expansion, Black Salt Games has revealed plans for another significant expansion in the works. Titled “The Iron Rig,” this future update holds the promise of further enriching the game’s lore and expanding the already captivating world of Dredge. While details remain shrouded in mystery for now, the anticipation for The Iron Rig ensures that players will continue to be enthralled by this enthralling horror fishing experience.

The Pale Reach expansion marks a milestone for Dredge, catapulting the game into new territories and pushing the boundaries of its already impressive gameplay. With the introduction of an icy biome, diverse marine life forms, and enticing storylines, players can rest assured that their journey into the chilling unknown has only just begun. So brace yourself, sharpen your hooks, and prepare for the horrors that await in Pale Reach.


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