Baldur’s Gate 3, the highly anticipated CRPG, has captured the hearts of many players with its captivating stories. One such story, however, transcends the boundaries of the game’s fictional world and delves into the realm of real-life emotions. A devoted fan of the game, Solfalia, recently shared a heartfelt experience on Larian’s forums about playing Baldur’s Gate 3 with their father, who had been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease. This touching account resonated with both the community and the developers, leading to a remarkable tribute within the game.

Solfalia and their father had previously spent countless hours embarking on adventures in Baldur’s Gate 2. As avid players of CRPGs, they continued their journey together by completing Divinity: Original Sin and its sequel multiple times. However, amidst the lockdown in 2020, Solfalia’s father received the devastating diagnosis of Alzheimer’s disease. The uncertainty of his condition cast a shadow of doubt over their shared anticipation for Baldur’s Gate 3.

Fortunately, the game launched into early access just in time for Solfalia and their father to experience the first act together during Christmas. Solfalia expressed gratitude for this opportunity, stating that it allowed them to embark on one last adventure with their father. The fact that the main adversaries in the game were Mind Flayers, a classic Dungeons & Dragons monster, added an extra layer of joy to the experience.

As the full release of Baldur’s Gate 3 approached in the summer of the following year, a mysterious Larian writer, referred to as “superwriter” by Solfalia, reached out via email to acknowledge the player’s poignant story. This compassionate individual wanted to honor Solfalia’s father by including something special in the game. While Solfalia expected a simple mention in a book or a plaque, the developers went above and beyond their expectations.

Upon the game’s release, “superwriter” directed Solfalia to a hidden cellar located in the depths of Baldur’s Gate. Inside, they encountered an NPC named Golbraith Stredivas, a retired Mind Flayer hunter. This character not only bore a striking resemblance to their father but also had multiple lines of dialogue, some of which deeply touched Solfalia’s heart. Every corner of Golbraith’s house revealed intricate details, including a stack of letters exchanged between Golbraith and his fictional son. The overwhelming emotions evoked by this secret mindflayer-hunter cellar left Solfalia misty-eyed.

The powerful impact of this tribute extends beyond the virtual world of Baldur’s Gate 3. Solfalia’s father, now living in a care home, may be unable to experience the game himself, but Solfalia’s description of the tribute has brought him immense joy. The mere idea that his character possesses a monocle and a secret cellar filled with weapons fills him with childlike excitement, a glee that had been absent for some time. During their weekly chats, he often reminisces about his virtual adventures.

This heartfelt story and the extraordinary tribute it inspired have resonated with numerous individuals who have faced similar challenges. Larian head Swen Vincke praised “superwriter” as an extraordinary human being, and fellow Larian writer Rachel Quirke expressed her delight at honoring the mighty mindflayer hunter. Solfalia expressed deep gratitude to Larian, acknowledging that the tribute far exceeded their expectations and touched their heart in a profound way.

In a world often overshadowed by negativity, the story of Solfalia, their father, and Baldur’s Gate 3 serves as a reminder of the power of compassion and the ability of video games to forge meaningful connections. It highlights the capacity for developers to go above and beyond in creating experiences that resonate with players on a deeply emotional level. The tribute within Baldur’s Gate 3 not only immortalizes a beloved father but also becomes a testament to the transformative power of gaming.


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