Microsoft has made significant strides in improving accessibility for Xbox and PC gamers. In celebration of Global Accessibility Awareness Day, the tech giant has announced a range of updates and new products aimed at making gaming more inclusive for players with disabilities.

One of the key announcements is the preorder release of the ByoWave Proteus modular controller. This controller, part of the Designed for Xbox program, is a modular “snap and play” peripheral specifically designed for gamers with disabilities. It can be configured in over 100 million traditional and custom ways, making it a versatile tool for players who struggle with standard gaming controllers. The ability to customize the controller to suit individual needs is a major selling point, as it allows for a more comfortable and easier gaming experience.

In addition to the new controller, Microsoft is also updating its Xbox Adaptive Controller to support more accessories connected via the USB port. This update will allow for the connection of up to 12 buttons, a second stick, and a hat switch, providing even more customization options for players with disabilities. The update is set to be rolled out to Xbox Insiders in the coming weeks, further enhancing the accessibility of gaming on the Xbox platform.

Microsoft has also announced accessibility features in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3, including setting menu updates for accessibility features and a new preset aimed at reducing the physical effort required to press multiple buttons simultaneously. These updates will make the game more accessible to a wider range of players, further increasing inclusivity in the gaming community.

To help developers create more inclusive games, Microsoft has introduced the Game Accessibility Workshop Toolkit. This toolkit provides instructions and visual assets to assist developers in designing games with accessibility in mind. By offering resources and guidance, Microsoft aims to encourage more developers to prioritize accessibility in their game design, ultimately making gaming a more inclusive and welcoming space for all players.

Overall, Microsoft’s efforts to improve accessibility in gaming are commendable. The introduction of the ByoWave Proteus modular controller, updates to the Xbox Adaptive Controller, and enhancements in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 demonstrate a commitment to making gaming more inclusive for players with disabilities. While the price of the ByoWave Proteus controller may be a barrier for some, the innovative design and functionality it offers are invaluable for those who require alternative gaming solutions. By continuing to prioritize accessibility in gaming, Microsoft is paving the way for a more diverse and inclusive gaming community.


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