American Truck Simulator, the popular truck driving and management simulation game, is set to expand its virtual world with the upcoming release of its latest DLC on November 30th. But before the release, players can already enjoy an enhanced gaming experience thanks to a recent update that brings improved weather effects, revised mountains, used truck deals, and even the Moon.

One of the notable additions in the update is the reintroduction of the Moon to the night sky. This seemingly simple feature actually presented significant challenges to the developers. Integrating the Moon required complex casting, rendering, and calculation of lunar light, ensuring accurate lunar phases, managing reflections in water bodies, addressing mirror effects, and even considering wet roads. Despite the difficulties, the return of the Moon adds an extra layer of realism and wonder to players’ virtual trucking adventures.

Beyond the Moon, the update brings a revision of the skies in American Truck Simulator. HDR skyboxes contribute to richer and more vibrant colors, which enhance the overall visual experience. Players can also expect revised weather effects, including visible lightning and twinkling stars in the night sky. These enhancements further immerse players in the game’s realistic virtual world and create a more captivating atmosphere.

The update also introduces the PACCAR Technical Center, a real-world location where renowned truck manufacturers like Kenworth and Peterbilt test and develop their vehicles. This addition adds an element of authenticity and enables players to explore a significant hub for trucks within the game. It offers a glimpse into the real-world processes of truck manufacturing and highlights the attention to detail that the developers have poured into American Truck Simulator.

In response to player feedback, the update introduces used truck deals. These deals allow players to purchase trucks at lower prices, though some parts may be worn or damaged, requiring repairs or replacements. Consequently, the damage system has been revised to accommodate the newfound importance of maintaining and repairing vehicles. This addition adds depth to the gameplay by introducing potential challenges and trade-offs for players to consider when managing their fleet.

Announced earlier this year, the upcoming Kansas DLC expands the American Truck Simulator world even further. Featuring detailed representations of the state’s landscapes, landmarks, and unique roads, the DLC promises to provide players with an exciting new destination to explore. With the addition of Kansas, Truck Simulator will soon offer a total of 14 American states, allowing players to embark on diverse and immersive trucking adventures across the nation.

American Truck Simulator continues to evolve and captivate players with its commitment to realism, attention to detail, and constant updates. Whether it’s the subtle touch of the Moon, the improved visual effects, or the introduction of new locations, these updates enhance the game’s immersive nature and ensure that players can continue to enjoy the virtual trucking experience on a grand scale. Get ready to hit the road and explore the expanded world of American Truck Simulator!


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