Recently, a brand new and highly expensive Ship Module upgrade in Helldivers 2 has been reported to be bugged. This upgrade, known as Superior Packing Methodology, is not functioning properly after being purchased. The developer of the game, Arrowhead Studios, has acknowledged the issue and is currently looking into a solution.

Players in the game’s Discord channel have reported the problem, prompting the community manager Twinbeard to address the situation. Twinbeard mentioned that restarting the game may temporarily resolve the bug, while the development team is working on a permanent fix. Despite the efforts, players are still facing issues with the upgrade not working as intended.

The Superior Packing Methodology upgrade is supposed to refill support weapons with the maximum number of magazines from resupply boxes. However, players have found that this functionality is not working consistently after purchasing the upgrade. This has led to frustration among players who have invested a significant amount of resources into acquiring the module.

Arrowhead Studios has assured players that they are actively investigating the bug and are committed to finding a solution. Community manager Baskinator has reiterated that the team is aware of the issue and is working on a fix to resolve the malfunctioning upgrade. In the meantime, players are advised to be patient and await further updates from the development team.

The Helldivers 2 Ship Module Upgrade bug, specifically affecting the Superior Packing Methodology upgrade, has caused disruptions in gameplay for many players. While the developer is working on a fix, the issue remains unresolved at this time. Players are encouraged to stay informed about any updates regarding the bug and to continue providing feedback to help expedite the resolution process.


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