After the thrilling announcement of Capcom’s upcoming Monster Hunter Wilds during The Game Awards 2023, fans of the franchise have been eagerly waiting for its release in 2025. However, in the meantime, Capcom has initiated a remarkable “Return To World” campaign that has breathed new life into Monster Hunter World, leading to a massive resurgence on Steam this week. By offering irresistible discounts and leveraging the power of social media, Capcom has successfully brought back players to the 2018 installment, resulting in a surge of concurrent players that hasn’t been witnessed since 2020.

A Game Worth Revisiting

Monster Hunter World’s enduring popularity can be attributed to its exceptional quality and the unwavering enthusiasm of its devoted community. The game boasts an immersive and captivating world, breathtaking visuals, and engaging gameplay mechanics that keep players hooked for hours on end. With the Steam Winter Sale in full swing, offering numerous discounts across various genres, Monster Hunter World reigns supreme as a must-have game with its current price slash to a mere £8/10. Considering the average campaign duration of approximately 40 hours, this steal of a deal is truly hard to resist.

One of the significant advantages of Capcom’s “Return To World” campaign is the revival of Monster Hunter World’s online scene. With the player count crossing the monumental threshold of 100,000 concurrent Steam users, the game has witnessed a staggering surge in activity. Steam Database estimates that the 24-hour peak reached an impressive 113,000 players, with numbers consistently remaining above the six-figure mark throughout the entire week. This revival not only allows players to relish in the game’s rich multiplayer experience but also fosters a sense of community and camaraderie among Monster Hunter enthusiasts.

While players patiently await the release of Monster Hunter Wilds on PC, Xbox Series X|S, and PS5 in 2025, Capcom has teased fans with glimpses of what’s to come. With the promise of more information being unveiled next summer, anticipation has reached an all-time high. Though details are scarce, the teaser images have ignited imaginations, showcasing awe-inspiring flying mounts and a stunning setting that left audiences in awe. The prospect of exploring unknown territories and engaging with new gameplay elements has undoubtedly added to the excitement surrounding the upcoming installment.

Monster Hunter World’s resurgence on Steam through the “Return To World” campaign has proved to be an overwhelming success. The massive discounts, coupled with an online community rallying together, have propelled the game to new heights, surpassing even its previous concurrent player records. As fans eagerly await the release of Monster Hunter Wilds, this revitalization has provided a thrilling and immersive experience for both seasoned players and newcomers alike. With its exceptional quality, awe-inspiring visuals, and engaging gameplay, Monster Hunter World continues to showcase why it is a timeless masterpiece in the realm of action games.


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